Recapping 'Queen Sugar' Episode 201 - 'After the Winter'
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Recapping 'Queen Sugar' Episode 201 - 'After the Winter'

The episode opens with Nova and a gorgeous blonde guy who obviously spent the previous night with her. He likes her, she wants to keep it casual. She lets him down gently.

Charley, adorned in power suit, makes her case before potential financial backers for Queen Sugar mill. Charley is thrilled that they appear to love the idea until she realizes that they think her ex, Davis is her business partner. They make it clear that without him, there is no deal. It isn’t as simple as mere sexism, though. They tell her that it is Davis’ “brand” that gives them the confidence to invest in the business because, “That’s what’s most attractive to our partners.” Remy is at the meeting with her and helps her deliver the presentation. When it’s over, obviously conflicted, he tells her they should put their budding relationship on ice until them being seen together won’t jeopardize her business aspirations.

Violet continues to run the High Yellow restaurant according to her own rules. Her staff consists of women from the halfway house because, “everybody deserves a second chance.”

Ralph Angel, Darla, and little Blue spend the day together on the land that will soon be (Ralph Angel hopes) a soybean farm. Ralph Angel’s pride and eagerness to get started are palpable. Darla asks him if he has already talked to his sister about these plans. He hasn’t. Later on, Ralph tells Prosper of his plans to use the land to farm soybeans and gets Prosper’s nod of approval. He thinks it is a great idea.

Micah lets his new girlfriend Keke drive his fancy new convertible that Davis has given him for his birthday to meet his Mama at a restaurant for his birthday lunch. It’s a funky restaurant with lots of gorgeous art mounted on the walls. They both find out that Keke is an artist when she tells them she hopes her work will be displayed at that restaurant one day. Micah pauses his bitter complaining about his father’s giving him the car out of guilt to let her know he is pleased as punch to find out she has such… depth! His Mama doesn’t mind either.

Lovesick Violet stalks Hollywood’s Facebook page until Nova calls and invites her to dinner that night. It will be a girl’s night out for Nova, Violet, and Charley. Nova is calling from her friend’s baby shower. Her friend, minding her ticking biological time bomb er, clock, has decide to have the baby on her own. The women’s spicy conversation reminds us that Nova is quite the adventurer when it comes to romance and has no need for actual love from a man. Ahem!

While dining and dancing the night away with a crop top bedecked Violet and Nova, Charley spies Davis across a crowded room. He isn’t with his boys but he ain’t alone either! Charley storms over to his table and chastises him for recklessly being out in public with his “hussy” when they have business ventures hanging in the balance. Davis, cool as a cucumber, asks her what her problem is and tells her the club owners have his back. They will make sure there are no TMZ moments. Charley and Nova stare at Davis and his date in disbelief but Violet, who has a whole lot of liquid courage inside of her, let’s Davis have it. Her insulting and finger wagging catches the attention of security and they come over and remove her from the premises. Of course, Charley and Nova leave with their girl.

Darla attends a group meeting for recovering addicts and shares her insecurities and fears about attending the upcoming family dinner with Ralph Angel’s people. At the commencement of the dinner, Ralph angel shares his plans with his sisters to use the land for a soybean farm. Charley, as usual, second guesses Ralph Angel and starts in with the third degree. Auntie Violet tells Charley she needs to chill out a little and give Ralph Angel a break. Darla arrives for the family dinner and apologizes for being late. She tells them the meeting for addicts went a little late. Ralph Angel, doing his own version of being a control freak, takes her aside at one point and lets her know he doesn’t think that her going to these meetings is a good idea. Darla stands her ground and lets him know that she is an addict and will always be an addict. She will need the meetings and sponsors in order to stay sober. She cannot do it alone and is smart enough not to try.

Micah is missing the family dinner because he is being pulled over for no good reason by a cop. Glistening with perspiration from his anxiety, Micah grips the steering wheel with both hands with a deliberation that suggests he was coached for just such a scenario by his folks. Regardless, it doesn’t end well and the cop pulls a gun on Micah. Davis calls Charley while everyone is at dinner to let her know he hasn’t heard back from Micah after calling him several times. Charley and company get worried and she and Nova go out searching for him. They find his car abandoned at the side of the road with his phone inside and go into super-panic mode. Micah is in jail and literally pisse his pants out of fear. He asks for his one phone call. Charley gets the call that Micah is in jail.

Nova and Charley get to the jail and inexplicably, are told that there is no record of Micah being there. Davis shows up and although everyone is in awe of the basketball star, they tell him the same thing. He notches the charm factor up a bit and implores them to check the holding cell for his son. They respond by asking him to take selfies with them. Davis obliges, possibly thinking this will help his cause. The cops locate Micah and Nova, Charley, and Davis lead him out of the jailhouse. In the parking lot, Charley lets Davis have it for putting on a “Stepin Fetchit” act for the cops.

Violet calls Hollywood and lets him know that she regrets the way things ended and wants to see him.

Darla, protective of her sobriety and fearing the consequences of losing it by jumping into things too quickly with Ralph Angel, tells him, “I can’t play house anymore. It’s dangerous. At least it is for me.” However, they are not breaking up. They are simply “slowing things down.”

Charley, obviously having forgotten the old adage about pride going before a fall, crosses into dangerous (and crazy) territory of her own by forging Davis’ name to the business agreement.

The episode ends with Nova and a gorgeous brunette guy who obviously spent the previous night with her. He likes her, she wants to keep it casual. She lets him down gently.

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