Rejected By Sundance #5: Luxembourg-based Adolf El Assal's Comedy Feature 'The Notorious Guys'
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Rejected By Sundance #5: Luxembourg-based Adolf El Assal's Comedy Feature 'The Notorious Guys'


First here’s a quick recap on what this is all about, for those who missed last week’s announcement:

The 2014 Sundance Film Festival titles have been announced in the various categories, and so we now know who made the cut. But what about those many thousands who submitted their films and didn’t get in? If you’re one of them, here’s a chance for you to let us know who you are.

For the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, 118 feature-length films were selected, representing 37 countries and 54 first-time filmmakers, including 34 in competition. These films were selected from 12,218 submissions (72 more than for 2013), including 4,057 feature-length films and 8,161 short films. Of the feature film submissions, 2,014 were from the U.S. and 2,043 were international. 97 feature films at the Festival will be world premieres.

So really somewhere between 1% and 3% of total submissions were selected. Those are minuscule numbers. So that also means that there are roughly 97% of you remaining, with projects that didn’t get into the festival. And YOU are the folks we want to hear from!

Of interest to those of us on this blog (see the name and tagline of the blog at the top of page if you’re new here) are films by and/or about people of African descent. So, if you or your film fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you!

At the very least, it’ll be great just to know you exist, so that we can become familiar with you and your work, and track from here-on.

So, if you agree, feel free to send me an email to, with all the vitals about you and your film, and we’ll go from there.

The above was posted 2 weeks, and since then, I’ve received several emails in response, which I’ve been highlighting (see the first piece HERE; and the second HERE; the third piece HERE; and the 4th HERE).

Today’s submission comes from Luxembourg-based Egyptian-born writer/director Adolf El Assal – his feature film debut, titled The Notorious Guys.

Here’s what Adolf had to say about the short film in his email to me:

Hi Tambay,

My name is Adolf El Assal, an independent filmmaker from a tiny country in Europe called Luxembourg. I just completed my first feature film THE NOTORIOUS GUYS and I’ve submitted to Sundance. And as you can imagine, it wasn’t selected 🙂

It took me 5 years to get this project off the ground and I produced it myself with all ups and downs every first time feature film maker goes through.

Here’s the trailer [SEE BELOW]

and the short film on which it is based on [SEE BELOW]

and a crowdfunding campaign I just started to get some funds in order to dub my film [SEE BELOW]

Please find attached the presskit.

If you need any more information, please let me know. I can also send you a screener to watch the film.

Thanks a lot,

Best regards,


Here’s a synopsis for The Notorious Guys:

The Notorious Guys follows Steven, a 23-year old pupil attending a special needs class in Luxembourg. He is overjoyed to hear that his school has won a trip to visit Portugal. As soon as Steven arrives on location, he decides to discover his homeland on his own with his friends. But things lead that they are on the Most Wanted List for money counterfeiting. That’s when Steven’s best friend, Guy-Désiré (who had to stay at home because of bad grades) is about to come to their rescue.

Adolf hopes to raise €12,000 (about $16,500) to help dub the film, and has set up an Indiegogo campaign for that purpose. As he states:

Luxembourg is a country where most people speak at least 4 languages fluently (French, German, English & Luxembourgish). I have access to talented voice actors and sound studios who could dub my film in many languages in order to get my film distributed outside the country. But they won’t do it for free as you might have guessed. 🙂

Each contribution is a valuable step to get closer to reach the goal of dubbing my film in as many languages as possible and I can promise you, it’s one of the craziest and funniest films you’ll ever watch. 

So, with all that said, first watch the trailer for the film immediately below, followed by the short film it’s based on, and then, if you’re sold, click within the Indiegogo widget that follows both videos, to make a contribution to the film’s dubbing campaign.

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