Released Just in Time for Halloween, Watch Horror Short Film, ‘The Vapors’
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Released Just in Time for Halloween, Watch Horror Short Film, ‘The Vapors’

nullWriter and

director Lopez Williams has just released his recently completed horror suspense

short film, "The Vapors" just in time for Halloween!

According to

the filmmaker, the film starts off as one of those “who’s there?" home invasion movies that you’ve seen many

times before, but he gives the film a twist “making it slightly off and artificial."

He adds that

he wanted to make a film that “could be

creepy and enjoyable on one level, but, on another level, could be argued that

we are watching [the lead character’s] disassociated fantasy narrative," adding that he also wanted it to be "beautiful,

mysterious, and darkly comedic… A film that could have multiple levels of

interpretation and didn’t have to resolute in the end."

That’s a lot

to pack in a 12 minute short film, wouldn’t you say?

The Brooklyn

native, who now lives in Los Angleles, studied

journalism and Cinema Studies at Miami University in Ohio. He also feels that having a background in the humanities is very important to him as a filmmaker, given that he tends to draw heavily from art,

literature, music, and photography  as well as cinema," for his ideas.

The short film stars Jordan Carey and Benton Green.

Check out "The Vapors" below:

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