Report: 'On My Block' Stars In 'Fierce' Contract Renegotiations, Seeking Salary Raise Comparable To '13 Reasons Why' Cast
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Report: 'On My Block' Stars In 'Fierce' Contract Renegotiations, Seeking Salary Raise Comparable To '13 Reasons Why' Cast

According to a new report, the four young leads of Netflix’s On My Block are in “fierce” contract renegotiations ahead of the show’s third season.

The Hollywood Reporter says Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao and Brett Gray “are seeking salary raises that would take them from the $20,000-per-episode fee they earned for the first two seasons to bumps that are comparable with the young ensemble cast of fellow Netflix breakout 13 Reasons Why.”

They have been in renegotiations since May, and currently, none of their options are picked up for the third season of the show, which has already been confirmed. There is also not a start date for production, which makes sense given negotiations are still going on.

The report continues, “The four stars are seeking $1.75 million for the entire eight-episode season — or $218,000 per episode. That would be more than the collective $200,000 the stars earned for each of the first two 10-episode seasons. Season two’s episode order was cut to eight, based on the creative. At their current rate, the cast would be paid $40,000 less if their salaries were to remain the same. Netflix has countered with a boost from $20,000 per episode to $30,000, and in its latest offer, $40,000 per installment. That is still far short of what the supporting cast of 13 Reasons Why are earning for season three and beyond. Sources note that the On My Block leads are looking for an offer comparable to the supporting cast of 13 Reasons Why.”

The stars of 13 Reasons Why which is produced by Paramount Television, saw significant bumps in their salaries once they renegotiated last year before their season 3 premieres. It is very normal for stars to seek salary raises after successful seasons, and the report states that the cast of 13 Reasons Why asked for their salaries to be bumped after the deals of the cast of Stranger Things were released.  Representatives for the On My Block stars are “not expecting Stranger Things money but are seeking raises comparable to the supporting cast of 13 Reasons Why,” the report states.

On My Block has been a darling for critics and has a massive fan following. A testament to the show’s popularity is the massive following that its stars have on social media, after being mostly unknown prior to the show’s premiere.


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