Revenge Has a new Name in First Trailer for British Actioner 'Montana'
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Revenge Has a new Name in First Trailer for British Actioner 'Montana'


Typically, in movies with this particular kind of mentor/mentee narrative, the black man is often the mentor (think Morgan Freeman), as in the old sage who trains or imparts his profound wisdom on the younger mentee, who’s usually played by a white actor. 

In the upcoming thriller "Montana," British director Mo Ali’s second feature, the script is flipped, so to speak.

    It stars Lars Mikkelsen, Michelle Fairley, Adam Deacon, Ashley Walters and newcomer McKell David, who made a brief appearance in last year’s award-winning British drama "My Brother the Devil."

    Synopsis: On the mean streets of London’s East End, fourteen-year old Montana (McKell David) discovers that the powerful crime lord and ruthless lieutenants for whom he works secretly killed his father. At the same time, Dimitrije (Lars Mikkelsen), a former Serbian commando, comes looking for the gangster in order to take revenge for the death of his wife and son. Realizing that they share a bloody purpose, Dimitrije now mentors Montana in the dark arts of assassination and relearns the value of life as he teaches the boy the true meaning of friendship, honor and respect.

    "I tip my hat to ‘Leon’ and ‘Karate Kid’ – everybody wants a mentor teaching them those things,” said director Ali when talking about his inspirations for the film.

    Made by MoliFilms, producers of the $2 million movie are Foligno, Iain Richardson and Gareth Roberts. Executive prodcers are Babak Eftekhari and Robert Muston.

    The film set to be released in UK theaters next month; no word on whether it’ll travel west at this time.

    Check out the trailer below:

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