'RHOA': Drew Sidora’s Husband Ralph Pittman Speaks On How His Behavior Is Depicted On The Show
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'RHOA': Drew Sidora’s Husband Ralph Pittman Speaks On How His Behavior Is Depicted On The Show

Drew Sidora is making a splash on her debut season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta but it’s not for reasons one would expect from the singer and actress. Sidora has been the topic of discussion on Black Twitter thanks to viewers expressing concern for how she’s treated in her marriage.

Sidora has been married to IT entrepreneur Ralph Pittman for six years. Together, they share two young children and also are raising Sidora’s son from a previous relationship. While a beautiful family, successful careers, and a new reality television show would appear to have the couple in good standing, they are anything but.

Pittman’s behavior has been a big discussion for viewers. Not only are he and Sidora having communication problems, there’s also an issue of trust as Sidora admits Pittman has disappeared for days at a time without contacting his family. In a recent episode, the couple sat down for a marriage counseling session and Pittman appeared dismissive, distant, and sarcastic. He ignores Sidora’s feelings, pokes fun when she becomes emotional, and admits to turning to tactics of punishment in order to get what he wants.

Twitter finds Pittman’s behavior problematic. They worry that Sidora is manipulated and emotionally abused. Even the milestone of the two buying their first home together comes with drama. Pittman prefers for Sidora to take care of packing the home for their move while he keeps her out of the business aspect of things, despite Sidora also contributing financially to their home.

Sidora told Andy Cohen during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live that the couple are still in marital counseling and are committed to “doing the work” for the sake of their family. 

Pittman’s behavior on the show may be due to him not wanting to be on the show at all. Per ScreenRant, Pittman begrudgingly agreed to do the show for the sake of Sidora’s career.

“I did not want to be on [RHOA] at all. I didn’t want to do it,” he said. “However, when my wife sat down and had our kids, one thing I promised her is that I would support her career in whatever it is that she wanted to do. 

He also says that the past year was no easy on him. Pittman helped to care for Sidora following her injuring her Achilles heel and he also admits to experiencing depression and anxiety over the racial injustice taking place in the US. “Depression and anxiety, it impacts people differently and so when those situations actually occur, that’s time to say, ‘Let me see what’s really, truly going on with him. Let me see where his state is,'” he added. “There’s tools you need to be able to recover from any kind of trauma and that’s exactly what it was. “I didn’t have the tools to be able to get through [what I was feeling]. It was like, ‘I need to get away because I’m in crisis mode.'” 

Despite the humps, Pittman is hopeful viewers’ opinion of him changes as the season progresses. “Hopefully throughout the show as you keep watching, you’ll see other sides of me as well.”

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