'RHOA': Kandi Burruss' Stepdaughter Kaela Tucker Says The Show Made Her Cry, Explains Why She Doesn't See Riley Burruss In NYC
Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss / Instagram

'RHOA': Kandi Burruss' Stepdaughter Kaela Tucker Says The Show Made Her Cry, Explains Why She Doesn't See Riley Burruss In NYC

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burrus decided to marry Todd Tucker, people had a lot to say, including her mother. Prior to their marriage, Tucker was a television producer, but many believe Tucker came up by marrying Burruss. In a recent interview, Tucker’s daughter Kaela is shooting down speculation of such and revealed more about her relationship with the show and family members.

Marlo Hampton comes Hampton for Todd Tucker

When the ladies of Atlanta went on a trip to Jamaica nobody expected the trip to go south like it did. Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burrus got into a heated argument and Hampton said some very hurtful things about Todd Tucker. Hampton accused Tucker of being broke and living of Kandi even repeating some things that Mama Joyce said adding fuel to the fire. Tucker who is already frustrated living in his wife’s shadow reminded Hampton that he has his own career. Tucker even clapped Back by saying Hamton had to but her way on the show.

Kaela Tucker defends her dad

Kaela is over the trash talk about her dad. As reported by Urban Belle Mag, While appearing on her stepmother’s YouTube show Speak On It, she let it be known that her father was self made before Burruss.

“We was cool, we was chilling," she said. "We had a good lifestyle. I lived in a penthouse in Jersey overseeing New York. I think that’s pretty good.”

Kaela also said it’s difficult to watch some things back and that it’s impacted her mental health.

She said, “I was like, ‘This is horrible.’ Even people commenting saying certain things, even from the show, how they edit things. This was very new to me. So I was like, ‘This is horrible.’ I’m a loving person…Why do people do this? And that’s honestly the reason you don’t be seeing me on TV for real because I can’t. But it was a lot of emotional trauma back then…It took me a long time to get here. I used to cry a lot.”

She also spoke about her relationship with stepsister Riley Burruss, admitting they don't really see each other although they both live in NYC.

“We don’t see each other, we don’t call each other, we don’t text each other,” she said. “She’s enjoying herself, enjoying her life. I told her, if she needs me, call me. I’m a cab away, train away. I am here.”

On them only coming together for family occasions, Kaela said it’s not a problem, adding, “I don’t think it’s nothing wrong.”