'RHOP': Candiace Dillard Stands By Jab At Mia Thornton's Mother, Gizelle Bryant Takes Her To Task
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'RHOP': Candiace Dillard Stands By Jab At Mia Thornton's Mother, Gizelle Bryant Takes Her To Task

Candiace Dillard Bassett has no regrets about her actions this season. Despite The Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars talking about her needing to take more accountability for her remarks toward her co-stars during verbal spats, Dillard says all is fair in love and war. But even Andy Cohen seems to believe Dillard has taken it took far.

Case in point: Dillard bringing Mia Thornton’s mother during an argument. When Thornton called Dillard’s music video production “low budget,” Dillard responded “your mama.” the cast warned Dillard that she went below the belt, especially as they knew of Thornton’s mother having a difficult past with addiction.

Candiace Dillard insists she did not know about Mia Thornton’s mother’s struggles

Dillard promises she did not know about Thornton’s mother. But, that doesn’t mean she’s offering an apology. “If I knew that she had the trauma that she has with her mother, I would not have said that,” she said. “I would’ve talked about something else,” Candiace adds, finishing her thought. “What I will say is, that was– in the Black community, it’s referred to as ‘joning.’ I was going light on you and what happened was, you were ungrateful.” 

The cast, and Cohen, then proceeded to tell Dillard that her actions are unnecessary. “What am I supposed to do when she insults me?” Dillard asks her co-stars. 

Gizelle Bryant however was not letting up. “You saw that episode and you thought to yourself, ‘Wow. I was justified in all of this,’ and I didn’t feel like your actions toward her were justifiable,” Bryant asks. Dillard responds, “What actions?” To which Bryant replies: “What comes out of your mouth.”

Cohen also said that Dillard is the common denominator in her issues with her co-stars. But Dillard disagrees, saying she simply responds better and her co-stars can’t take it.

The”Drive Back” singer says Mia Thornton used her mother’s struggles for a storyline

After the “your mama” comment Dillard threw Thornton’s way, a tearful Thornton said she hoped her mother didn’t relapse as a result of the comment. Dillard shot back at the reunion, refusing to have that responsibility.

The facts are is that you brought your mother on to this platform to parade her around for your storyline,” Dillard alleges. “If she relapses, that is on you.” Wendy Osefo agreed.

Per Thornton, her mother wanted to share her story to inspire others. Dillard responded, “It didn’t seem like it.”

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