'RHOP': Karen Huger Warns Candiace Dillard Bassett That She May Be 'Tuned Out' Of The Group
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'RHOP': Karen Huger Warns Candiace Dillard Bassett That She May Be 'Tuned Out' Of The Group

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard Bassett is the definition of holding firm to one’s word and beliefs. Despite Twitter, her husband, most of her co-stars and Andy Cohen telling her that she goes below the belt when arguing with her castmates, the “Drive Back” singer believes she’s unfairly singled out.

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In fact, Dillard Bassett simply believes she “does it better” than everyone else and that her co-stars cannot take back what they dish out. But now, the Grand Dame Karen Huger is warning Dillard Bassett that if she continues on her tirades, she may be left alone for good. Dillard Bassett remains unphased.

Candiace Dillard Bassett’s on co-stars feelings that she takes her verbal jabs too far

In a preview clip for part 2 of the Season 6 reunion, Dillard Bassett is grilled by everyone on her verbal lashings.

“Candiace, do you not understand it has to stop?” Huger tells her. Huger uses her ongoing feud with Gizelle Bryant as an example. “Do you want to talk about it Gizelle? We’ve been doing it for six years, we’ve been dicing each other. But what we don’t do, we don’t cut to the bone.” 

Dillard Bassett disagrees, shooting back, “Yes, you do! Who defines too far because you made a T-shirt making fun of your friend’s tax woes. She called you a broken h*e from Hampton University,” Dillard added, referencing Huger’s comments about Bryant. “She talks about your v*gina, about your legs…body shaming, body shaming…everybody up here.” 

But everyone agrees that Dillard Bassett takes it beyond her talking about her co-stars and bringing their families into the mix. Still, Dillard Bassett feels she’s justified in her responses.

Karen Huger says people will eventually tune Candiace Dillard Bassett out

For Dillard Bassett, she feels she’s defending herself against her co-stars. She insists she never “starts” with anyone. Instead, she “finishes.”

“If someone is disrespecting me in a way that I feel I’m being bullied or someone is attempting to put me into the ground, I’m going to respond,” she snaps. “So should I not stick my landings to spare the feelings of the people in this group?”

Huger interjects, telling the 34-year-old, “Candiace you keep going you may not have to spare anyone’s feelings. Everyone may tune you out.”

But Dillard Bassett isn’t budging, telling her friends, “The point is I’m very aware of myself. The problem is you all aren’t aware of yourselves. You want to hold me to a standard that is different from from what you all have done. Everyone up here has done something physical.”

Watch the preview below:

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