'RHOP': Wendy Osefo And Candiace Dillard Bassett Talk Colorism Double Standards Amid Season 7 Trailer Drop: 'Brown Paper Bag Antics'
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'RHOP': Wendy Osefo And Candiace Dillard Bassett Talk Colorism Double Standards Amid Season 7 Trailer Drop: 'Brown Paper Bag Antics'

In several instances, The Real Housewives of Potomac stars Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett have opened up about colorism.

According to the women, they are often singled out for their verbal tirades and actions whereas their co-stars are never slammed as much because of their lighter skin.

Though many, including the other RHOP ladies, have disagreed Osefo and Dillard Bassett’s claims, fans are now seeing that these two women aren’t the only ones causing drama on the show.

Candiace Dillard Bassett's previously claimed that her lighter-skin co-stars have more privilege.

Back in 2021, Candiace Dillard Bassett publicly called out her RHOP co-stars (mainly Ashley Darby) for having more privilege as a result of their lighter skin tones.

Dillard Bassett said that fans react more harshly to her going off on her co-stars because of stereotypical perceptions of darker-skinned Black women being viewed as more aggressive. She said all of her castmates are equally vicious and believes colorism is the reason she’s singled out.

Dillard Bassett then gave an example of her co-stars being more aggressive in their reactions.

When asked about her body-shaming Darby by calling her “wide-bodied” after Darby gave birth during the RHOP reunion, Dillard Bassett noted that Darby referred to her hair as dry. Darby shot back by saying both are Black women with similar hair textures.

“We get dry hair,” Darby said.

“You have a privilege being a lighter-skinned woman with a looser curl,” Dillard Bassett countered.

Some fans are now seeing the alleged double standard.

Following the release of the trailer for season 7, which shows Mia Thornton throwing a drink, one RHOP fan took to social media to point out the colorism that exists on the show.

According to The Peach Report Daily on Instagram, the person tweeted, “They’re all saying Wendy deserved a drink thrown at her. The laps people run to defend these light skin women on this show. #rhop.”

Wendy Osefo replied to this tweet by weighing in on the double standards.

“I vividly remember the outrage when when people falsely assumed I threw a glass,” she wrote. “Now, we all see the truth and magically the outrage disappears. How convenient. #RHOP”

Dillard Bassett also shared her two cents, writing, "I’m also excited to see what (brown paper bag) acrobatics are used to defend certain deplorable behaviors by certain sects of the viewership."