Roland Emmerich Makes It Rain In 1st Trailer For Oval Office Disaster Thriller 'White House Down'
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Roland Emmerich Makes It Rain In 1st Trailer For Oval Office Disaster Thriller 'White House Down'


Well, damn! 

You saw the first poster this morning; now here’s the first trailer for Roland Emmerich’s thriller White House Down, which stars Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum

In the film, Tatum stars as a Secret Service agent who tries to save the president when the White House is attacked. Jamie Foxx plays the President of the USA.

Garcelle Beauvais, who co-starred with Jamie Foxx on his hit TV sitcom in the late 1990s (The Jamie Foxx Show), reunites with him here, playing his wife, the First Lady.

Lance ReddickMaggie Gyllenhaal, James WoodsRichard Jenkins and Joey King round out the cast for White House Down, a film that Tatum’s Iron Horse Entertainment company is executive producing.

Reddick will play Colonel Janowitz, whose responsibility is the Speaker of the House (Jenkins). 

White House Down opens in US theatres on June 28, 2013.

How will America react at the box office to a second White House under attack movie? We’ll see. One key difference between the two films (Olympus Has Fallen, which is currently in theaters, and White House Down), is that the former is rated R, while the latter is rated PG13

I’d also argue that, currently, Channing Tatum is a bigger star than Gerard Butler (who stars in Olympus Has Fallen). There’s also the Jamie Foxx factor, fresh off his success with Django Unchained.

In addition, White House Down opens in the summer.

So, overall, on paper anyway, White House Down seems to have more going for it. Its opening weekend competition is the R-rated comedy The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, which should provide good competition, especially in drawing women audiences. 

And it’s sandwiched between World War Z, which opens the week before, and Despicable Me 2 and Lone Ranger, both opening the weekend after.

So a crowded 3 weeks of releases there. But that’s the summer movie season for you. However, there are always a few duds, so given the statistics, it’s likely that one of these films won’t do as well as hoped.

But this first trailer for White House Down looks like typical Roland Emmerich disaster porn, although we’re dealing with a different kind of disaster this time around. The first half of the trailer could be the opening for the trailer of previous disaster movies (whether natural or alien).

And while I say all that, I think this is a well put together first trailer, and it has my attention.

At the very least, on initial appearances, it looks like it could be an entertaining summer flick. We’ll see, especially as more of the film is unveiled via marketing, over the next few months.


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