S&A 'Scandal' Recap - Questions, Questions, Questions...
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S&A 'Scandal' Recap - Questions, Questions, Questions...


Where do we begin with tonight’s episode of Scandal?  Potential Spoilers ahead so continue reading at your own risk.

Cyrus has his man Charlie investigate Captain Ballard.  Charlie delivers a package to Cyrus hinting that he may have found the link.  I originally thought he had linked Captain Ballard to Olivia but clearly Charlie delivered other information.  Cyrus hints at some sort of military indiscretion that President Grant is not proud of and slyly uses this opportunity to also compare his indiscretion in Defiance, Ohio to his new knowledge regarding the President.  Explicit details we do not get, but I get the distinct impression that President Grant wants Cyrus back in his inner circle if only to keep his little secret.

David comes home to find his apartment has been destroyed and narrowly escapes his intruder who is still in the apartment.  We see feet walking out the door as David lays on the floor.  We aren’t given a clue as to who is breaking into his apartment.

Quinn and Huck continue tailing Osborne.  They figure out that they have been made when they realize they are driving to Olivia’s apartment.  Olivia is warned by phone that Osborne is on his way.  Ballard is watching with interest of course.  When Osborne arrives Ballards feed is cut.  Osborne comes in with all guns blazing and threatens Olivia who quickly fires back.

Ballard reviews the footage he found to find Olivia had hidden something in a Vase on a shelf in her apartment.  Using his personal relationship with Olivia he finds out she is not home and easily breaks in to her apartment.  He appears to set up a new camera and steal information.  He uses the information stolen from Olivia to convince President Grant that he has found the mole.

Meanwhile, Olivia Pope and Associates gets this episodes case; a kidnapping.  I knew at the beginning that Maebell was involved in the kidnapping plot.  I couldn’t imagine however that she would saw off her own ear.  Hollis proposes a deal $20,000,000 or family.  I don’t know about you but I was pretty sure she would choose the money.    What was most interesting about this final scene regarding the case was Olivia’s emotional state.  Did anyone else catch that?

Emotions seem to run high for Olivia the entire episode.  A call from Cyrus clearly stops her from moving forward with her date with Captain Ballard.  Captain Ballard clearly has other plans and gives Olivia a taste of her own medicine delivering a fast talking speech sealed with a kiss.  This back and forth still had me wondering if he was doing all this for good.  Olivia confirmed that she didn’t feel that Captain Ballard was on the up and up despite what her gut was saying.  You know, that gut that is never wrong.  This is classic though a woman who can dish out great advice to others but can’t take her own?  For all Olivia’s strengths I find her weaknesses so typical.

Mellie was up to her usual meddling this episode.  Cyrus again proves that he is far superior and let’s her know she has her own issues to deal with.  After unsuccessfully trying to kill President Grants weekend with the kids,  Mellie goes in for the kill.  Stating that the kids did not want to spend time with him because he had turned into his own father.  Just when you think Mellie is down for the count she sneaks a sucker punch in.  If I hadn’t been privy to the rest of the episode I maybe would have believed every word Mellie said.  It seemed to have an affect on the President.  Do you think it will be the beginning of a character shift?  I think President Grant is long overdue to get it together.

President Grant wastes no time using the intelligence from Ballard and ousts Osborne for ‘betraying his country.’  When Osborne finds out he appeals to Cyrus who takes the party line. Later Osborne is found dead in what appears to be a suicide.

I questioned whether Captain Ballard was working for good or evil.  We didn’t have to wait long to get confirmation.  The end of the episode we are introduced to a new character who is yet unnamed played by Joe Morton (Brother form Another Planet).  Their conversation reveals that this whole idea of Osborne being the mole was a set-up from the beginning.   We know from the preview that Olivia knows that Osborne was not the mole.  Which of course leaves us with more questions. 

Who broke into David’s apartment?  Was it Captain Ballard or someone else?  Who is the mole?  Who is this character Joe Morton is playing?  What’s President Grant’s secret?  David was part of the investigation this episode, will he join Olivia Pope and Associates?  Clearly Osborne is a bad guy but are his feelings for Olivia authentic?

It was an action packed episode that’s for sure.  But even with all the action I couldn’t help wondering when we would find out more about Harrison; Columbus Short’s character.  What are your thoughts on this?  I know Shonda stated she was waiting to unwrap his story at the right moment but at this moment I feel like this character is long over due for some development.