S&A 'Scandal' Talk-Back Session Season 2, Episode 1 - Thoughts On Last Night's Premiere?
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S&A 'Scandal' Talk-Back Session Season 2, Episode 1 - Thoughts On Last Night's Premiere?


I'm behind today folks; I haven't even watched the episode yet (I was out last night and missed it), and may not get to it until later today, or over the weekend. But I didn't want that get in the way of our popular Friday Scandal talkback sessions, which you guys seemed to like, given your participation last season.

So, while you wait for me to share my thoughts, feel free to jump in and share yours if you watched it last night, picking up where we left off at the end of season 1.

And for those who haven't watched it, and plan to do so eventually, I suggest you stay away from this post, because there are bound to be spoilers in the comment section.

So, I'm passing the mic; your thoughts on season 2, episode 1? Do we find out who Quinn Perkins is? Was the revelation worth the wait? What about all the "secrets" that were promised to be revealed? Are Olivia Pope and the Prez still doing their dance, and if so, is it working for you? When I got home last night, I skimmed my Twitter feed and saw a couple of comments that seemed baffled by the handling of "genocide in East Sudan;" I didn't press for more, figuring that I'd watch the episode myself eventually to get the full story, but feel free to toss your $.02 in on that as well? There was also some concern among techies about the veracity of Huck's occasional technology references as Olivia's go-to technology pro. Any notable changes compared to season 1? Was it a good, strong start that makes you anxious for episode 2, and the rest of the season? Your overall take on where this season looks to be heading? Anything else that needs to be mentioned and/or discussed?

Dig in… I'll share my thoughts on the episode either over the weekend, or early next week, after I've watched it.

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