Satirical Kenyan Doc Featuring Africans Doing Radical Things Like Enjoying Modern Conveniences & Not Being Sad & Stuff...
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Satirical Kenyan Doc Featuring Africans Doing Radical Things Like Enjoying Modern Conveniences & Not Being Sad & Stuff...


Funny! And I certainly appreciate the motivation behind it. In the interest of time, I’ll simply refer you to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s immensely popular TED talk, titled "The Danger of the Single Story"… about continental Africa specifically… which we’ve referenced numerous times on this blog.

Now I’ll *hand the mic* over to the filmmaker (Josephine "Jay" Kihiu) to tell her story, on why you should help her get her film made:

A satirical short doc filmed in Kenya featuring Africans doing radical things like enjoying modern conveniences and not being sad.

For some of my writing samples satirical in nature, I invite you to visit the page on my blog:

What to Expect: Humor and satire, insight, glimpses of the country many don’t have access to in light of the disparaging one sided media, a 3 dimensional look at people normally cast in a 2D frame, why we should care that we marginalize people of a modernizing, growing frontier (economic implications). 

The documentary can be considered in three distinct portions: The first explores the existing attitudes through narration and street interviews in metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles and Washington DC. The second takes place entirely in Kenya and is image rich with an exploration of modern ammenities and innovations, and the third touches on the social and economic implications of underestimating such a resource rich frontier economy.

The film will be revealed in part through interviews of pedestrians (previous paragraph), as well as expert interviews with people in international business relations, economics, and civil engineering. 

Where is Your Money Going? Towards quality camera equipment (I’m shooting for a good 4K camera) and audio accessories…nothing too fancy, but decidedly professional, as well as shipping costs for the equipment. round trip.  

Pitch video follows below; Kickstarter campaign widget underneath:

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