'Scandal' - “The State of The Union” Recap (Season 4, Ep 2)
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'Scandal' - “The State of The Union” Recap (Season 4, Ep 2)


The Union is in a rather poor state if you ask me. Olivia is firmly back in Washington,

and thankfully back to work. Most of last season we watched her sulk and mope

over Fitz, while the Gladiators did her bidding, so I was thrilled to see Liv back in her

element…. even if Cyrus had to blackmail her to do so.

This episode, her clients were James and Lisa Elliott; American heroes and the faces

of gun control. And yet, as thrilled as I was to have a throwback to when Olivia

actually “fixed” situations, the Elliott’s story wasn’t all that interesting. I was pleased

when Olivia’s solution was for them to either stay miserable or get a divorce.

Sometimes the answer is really that simple.

Quinn and Huck have reinstated themselves in Pope and Associates (wearing

matching plaid shirts). However, their creepy and very twisted lusty affair is making

it more and more difficult for them to work together. Quinn is desperate for Huck

to acknowledge her existence, while Huck acts as if nothing has occurred between

the two. After all, it’s Quinn’s nosiness and blanket disregard for boundaries that has

destroyed their relationship.

Abby continues to muddle her way through the White House, while both Cyrus and

Fitz resent the fact that she is not Olivia. (Fitz even thinks that her name is Gabby,

which I suppose is better than Red.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for this season being

the season of Abby but to be quite frank, she’s really not all that good at her new job.

Olivia attempts to help her out on the sly, while David has to take control of his own

confirmation as Attorney General because Abby gives up on him.

Fitz and Olivia are back to their tired ass games. As usual, Fitz can’t seem to function

without Liv’s opinions and advice. When he sees her at the State of the Union

address, he boldly clears the room in an attempt to get her to look over his speech.

(It’s all very last season, and the season before that and the one before that.) Fitz

even has the audacity to day that Liv “owes” him her opinion. Typical.

Meanwhile, Jake realizes that he has been relegated back to his position as jump

off. There’s no standing in the sun in D.C. Though he’s dignified enough to get his

own place (he doesn’t want to be a kept man), we also know that he needs space to

continue probing into Harrison’s death. Still, he’s mostly just there so that Liv can

use him for booty calls. She tells him. “If I want to summon you I will summon you.”

(Well alright then.)

Cyrus has gone and gotten himself a new boo. A tall, Ken doll-like gentleman who

I knew was too good to be true. And he was. Cyrus’ loneliness just may help bring

the Grant Administration to its knees. Republican Committee Chair Lizzie is not

playing any games, she’s determined to get the upper hand. After all, the Republican

White House is becoming more and more liberal by the day. I really appreciated

Shonda and the writers of Scandal having a dialogue about gun control, especially

given today’s current and continuous climate. Anyway, Cyrus’ new boo turns out

to be an escort, (sent by Lizzie) but that may not be enough to keep Mr. Bean away.

(Especially given the look on his face when Mr. Ken doll dropped his underwear.)

Mellie really broke my heart this episode. She’s spiraling further and further into

despair. She’s broken and something much more drastic than Abby yelling at her

is going to have to occur for her to become the OG Mellie Grant that we all came to

love. It was devastating to see her on the floor at the end of the episode, weeping

and heartbroken.

I enjoyed Scandal much more this week but I still have questions.

1. How long is Jake going to keep letting Olivia use him?

2. Are Quinn and Huck actually going to be a couple? (To be quite honest I don’t

think I could stomach that.)

3. Why is Vice President Andrew still around? His only purpose apparently is to

stand and clap. I miss Sally Langston and her foolishness.

4. What kind of nonsense is Lizzie going to drag Cyrus into ?

5. Does Mellie know Gerry’s death was not an accident?

6. Do all roads lead back to Charlie?

What questions do you all have? How did you feel about this episode?

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