"Seige the Day" with Idris Elba in Trailer for 'Rainbow Six Siege'
Photo Credit: S & A

"Seige the Day" with Idris Elba in Trailer for 'Rainbow Six Siege'

"Rainbow Six Siege"Have Hollywood celebs always done commercials for video games, or is this just a new thing? In the last couple of months alone, we’ve seen video game commercials starring Michael B. Jordan, Omar Sy, and others. 

Idris Elba has now joined the party, starring in a commercial for "Rainbow Six Siege," a first-person shooter of teamwork and strategy, where infiltrating Attackers and fortifying Defenders clash with high intensity in tactical combat scenarios.

"Are you ready to Siege The Day?", Elba asks in the ad. Find out during the free Open Beta on November 25-29, and when "Rainbow Six Siege" hits stores on December 1, on on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Watch Elba in the new live-action trailer called “Siege the Day," which unfolds in a (rapidly demolished) re-creation of the House map, with Elba giving viewers a guided tour of the destruction.

Fans can also see Elba in a series of accompanying featurettes, titled “The Laws of Siege,” that elaborate on some of the game’s more explosive and destructive aspects.