Shekinah Anderson Says Tiny 'Was Never Her Friend' In Video Blasting Her And T.I.
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Shekinah Anderson Says Tiny 'Was Never Her Friend' In Video Blasting Her And T.I.

Shekinah Anderson is speaking out once again about her former friend Tiny Harris and Harris’ husband, rapper T.I.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Anderson went on Instagram to talk more about how the Harrises disrespected her behind the scenes of their reality show. She said that T.I. was rude to her off-camera and even called her “the help” after Tiny wanted her to take a first-class flight with them.

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“Do y’all know this light-skinned n—- walks up on me, leaving from L.A., I’m actually in the seat before him, and that n—- said, ‘How did the help make it to first class?” she said, saying how embarrassed she was.

She also said that Tiny allegedly told her to beat up Instagram model Bernice Burgos, whom T.I. was rumored to have an affair with.

“If I don’t fight Bernice, my name gotta be bought. What kinda bullying s— is that?” she said. “Bernice ain’t never did s— to me. She’s a beautiful girl. What I’m fighting her for? I wasn’t there. I ain’t hook them up. So why the f— my name had to been bought because I’m a ghetto b—- that’s her friend?…That was a setup with both of them h—. Them h— was friends, they did that s— on purpose.”

She finally said that Tiny was never her friend.

Watch the full video below:

Anderson has spoken out about the Harrises before when the couple were accused of sexual abuse, drugging and kidnapping by multiple people. In March 2021, attorney Tyrone Blackburn held a press conference saying that “over 30 women” have contacted his law firm alleging wrongdoing by the Harrises. The allegations also spread to Florida and Los Angeles as well as the couple’s home state of Georgia and led to T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle to be indefinitely suspended by VH1. The sexual abuse charges in L.A. were eventually dropped.

Update: Tiny has responded to Shekinah

According to Atlanta Black Star, she wrote on her story, “If you don’t have proof that whatever you be talking about is working for you man do everyone a favor and shut yo a** up.”

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