Somalis In Maine Feature Doc 'Home Country' Now To Be Web-Based Serial
Photo Credit: S & A

Somalis In Maine Feature Doc 'Home Country' Now To Be Web-Based Serial


When we first profiled this, it was all set to be a feature documentary film titled Home Country, co-directed by Alyce Ornella and Mohammed Dini, and produced by Andrew Jawitz

However, yesterday, I received an email from one of the directors (Ornella), telling me that the project will no longer be a feature documentary, but instead, a web-based serial. 

About a year ago, you profiled our Somali diaspora doc on S&A.  We since decided to make the project a web doc using the Zeega platform, and recently published it here: 

We’ll be updating, editing, and changing the project as time goes on (gotta love that ‘flexible storytelling’) but this is the first phase.

As a recap, here’s the project’s story:

Maine and Somalia lie at opposite ends of the world yet are connected by tenuous threads of memory that span the distance between. HOME COUNTRY tells the story of the Somali diaspora in a small New England city a decade after resettlement in the United States. As one young man and his community find their voice in the American political arena, they feel the pull of their home country as it strives towards a more peaceful future.

I can commiserate with that sense of displacement, and trying to navigate new terrain. 

But check out the website as noted in the email above, to see what the filmmakers have done thus far.

Here’s a preview:

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