'Somewhere In The Middle' From The Director Of 'August The First' (Fundraising)
Photo Credit: S & A

'Somewhere In The Middle' From The Director Of 'August The First' (Fundraising)

Lanre Olabisi
, writer/director August The First, highlighted on the old S&A site (it premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival, and was nominated for a Gotham Award), is prepping to shoot his second feature film, titled Somewhere in the Middle.


Somewhere in the Middle charts the interconnected lives and loves of three New York City professionals. It weaves in and out of three seemingly disparate, disconnected relationships, re-telling the same events from varying perspectives. Layers of relationship, motivation and emotional dishonesty are peeled away as the characters struggle with love, sexuality, insecurity, and infidelity until all of the involved parties are left on entirely new and unsteady ground.

The film is based on improv work by and with the New York Independent Film Collective, and a fundraising campaign has been launched to raise $100,000 that will go towards financing the project. Thus far, over $33,000 has been raised, so, clearly, there’s interest in seeing this fully realized!

And based on what I watched (in the pitch video) and read on the project’s Kickstarter page, I’m certainly intrigued, and maybe you will be as well, and would be inspired to contribute to the campaign.

Instead of me talking about the project, I’ll instead point you to the filmmakers and let them speak for themselves.

The video pitch is embedded below, and the Kickstarter page can be found HERE, or if you click within the widget underneath: