'Spawn' creator says Twitch character will be lead in new film, eyes DiCaprio for the role
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'Spawn' creator says Twitch character will be lead in new film, eyes DiCaprio for the role

During Comic-Con, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane gave an insightful interview to Collider, speaking about the new, upcoming Spawn film.

McFarlane says he'd like to start production January 1 and that he's thought about casting. He also said that the way it is written, the Spawn character wouldn't need to hit the gym, get prosthetics or be wired to anything, he just needs them to act. Then, he says he could shoot the Spawn character's scenes in 25 days, and that the bigger character would be a detective character called Twitch, who has been in the canon since Spawn's beginning.

McFarlane makes a comparison that a Sheriff Brody/Jaws dynamic would be going on between Twitch and Spawn, noting that "the sheriff had more talking lines than the shark." So, it sounds like he's going for more of a thriller in which this detective Twitch guy is hunting a supernatural "creature" called Spawn. He said that the Twitch lead would shoot in 35-40 days.

The creator wants this incentive for actors that want to check a "superhero" movie off their bucket list, without having to dedicate a long time to get it filmed.

When folks got wind of another interview with Vulture in which McFarlane spoke more about the new film, McFarlane said he was eyeing Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead as an "anti-hero." While he was referring to the detective Twitch character, this led several blog sites to report that he was wanting DiCaprio to play Spawn, which caused outrage and fury on social media before they realized he was talking about Twitch.

So... who will portray Spawn? This is definitely an interesting concept and we're trying to figure out where this is going to go. But, it is disappointing Spawn will not be centered as the bigger character.  Many on social media have been advocating for Michael Jai White to return to the role.

The Spawn film is coming from Blumhouse Productions, the production company which specializes in low-budget indie thrillers, and brought us Get Out. 

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