Special Nationwide Theatrical Re-Release of 'Friday' Director’s Cut on April 20th + Reissue of Soundtrack on Vinyl
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Special Nationwide Theatrical Re-Release of 'Friday' Director’s Cut on April 20th + Reissue of Soundtrack on Vinyl

nullThe bad news

for many of you is that, next month, F. Gary Gray’s "Friday," with Ice Cube and Chris

Tucker, will be officially 20 years old, which means you’re getting older. But the

good news is that, there are no plans (as yet) to do a remake (or rather, in

the current jargon, a ”reboot”) of the movie, so you’re safe, for the time being.

But to celebrate

the 20th anniversary of the film, which officially opened on April

26, 1995, and to make a little more cash at the box office (the film grossed $42 million domestically, in 2015 dollars, and millions more on DVD and other platforms), New Line will be releasing "Friday" again, in theaters. 

But this

time it’s for one night only, on Monday April 20th, in 400 theaters across

the country, starting at 7:30PM.

And not just

any old version of "Friday," but a special “director’s cut” of the film, although what

that entails exactly, is not explained. And along with the film, there will be a 25 minute

featurette, with behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the film and

interviews with the cast, although, once again, it’s not clear if it’s new

interviews or stuff from the old DVD of the film.

In addition,

the soundtrack, which went double platinum, during the days

when albums could reach the platinum status in sales, will get a special vinyl

reissue on April 14.

But Cube is

certainly happy with the new reissue of the film, and says it reaffirms "Friday’s" status as a cult classic: "It lets you know how much people appreciate

it and how much fun it is… and

it lets you know that ‘Friday’ is now a part of the American fabric."


of watching the original trailer for Friday how about one of those honest


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