Special Podcast Today...We Want To Hear From YOU!
Photo Credit: S & A

Special Podcast Today...We Want To Hear From YOU!

Here at S&A, we’re always giving you the 411 on the latest news, trailers and film controversies but we decided to turn the tables around for a special podcast Today at 8pm/est. We want to hear from YOU! Yes that’s right…you.

If you’re a screenwriter, actor, actress, producer, director, production assistant, publicist, reviewer, ticket clerk, manager, agent and so on we’d like to hear about your experience in this business so far. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned veteran, please call us at (347) 215-8777 and share your story.

We’d love to get an idea of what you’re encountering on a daily basis. Good, bad or indifferent…this will be a great forum to air your personal highs and lows. And if you’re not in the biz but have some observations you’d like to share, please join the conversation as well.

In addition, we plan to discuss our observations as S&A contributors also. So make sure you tune in HERE and join us in the chat room if you can. As usual, we know you guys will bring it!

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