Starz orders four new docuseries including 'Warriors of Liberty City' from LeBron James & hip-hop culture series from WorldStar Hip Hop
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Starz orders four new docuseries including 'Warriors of Liberty City' from LeBron James & hip-hop culture series from WorldStar Hip Hop

Starz is beginning to make a big step into unscripted programming, greenlighting four new docuseries that will air on the premium cabler. They include shows that explore criminal justice system, a youth sports program (from LeBron James and Maverick Carter), the world of fashion and the legacy of hip-hop music on American culture (from WorldStar Hip Hop and Mass Appeal).

“Unique voices and storytelling are the hallmarks of the Starz programming strategy, and we are proud to announce our investment in these filmmakers and the stories they passionately want to tell. With each project, we will explore and better understand our collective cultural history,” said Starz President and CEO Chris Albrecht.

The descriptions are listed below:

Warriors of Liberty Cityis a docuseries from Evan Rosenfeld explores Liberty City – a crime-ridden neighborhood in Miami, Florida that is arguably the NFL’s largest football factory. The series follows a season with the Liberty City Warriors, a youth football program founded by an unlikely mentor: Luther Campbell, better known as “Uncle Luke” from the 2 Live Crew. Before Moonlight shook the Oscars, Liberty City was best known for some of the biggest names in football, including Devonta Freeman, Antonio Brown, Duke Johnson and Teddy Bridgewater. But it’s also a place synonymous with poverty and gun violence, and even more disturbing, in Liberty City, it’s now kids killing kids. Yet in the face of trauma and tragedy, football legends are born.The series from Rosenfeld is executive produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter for SpringHill Entertainment and Pam Healey and John Hesling for Shed Media, a division of Warner Bros. Unscripted and Alternative Television, as well as Luther Campbell, will take a deeper dive into the unique characters and inner-workings of Liberty City. Emmy® award-winning documentary filmmaker and screenwriter Andrew Cohn will serve as director.

The Field   explores hip-hop and socio-political culture through the eyes of a city’s most prolific characters – past, present and future – capturing the essence of a city’s personality. Having shaped the culture from within, these characters tell their stories the way it really was, transporting the audience into the underbelly that composes the city, a place that is often seen but seldom accessed. It’s a series that showcases the hustle and determination of each city’s most iconic artists. It’s about their desire to rise out from their community but to never forget the place where they came from. The series takes the viewer into places only miles apart but worlds away and into the grit and grime that covers an entire metropolis. The docu-series is spearheaded by Worldstar Hip Hop and Mass Appeal.  This series will have an eye for maintaining the legacy of Worldstar Hip Hop late founder Lee “Q” Odenat, who was instrumental with the project’s creation and development.

Wrong Man is six-part series that dives deep into the investigations that led to the conviction of three people who claim their innocence. It’s estimated that 1 in 25 prisoners in the U.S. are convicted for crimes they did not commit. With more than 2 million people in prison, that means a staggering 94,300 innocent people may be behind bars. Academy Award® and seven-time Emmy®-nominated and Peabody® and Emmy-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger will executive produce and direct.

In Fashion —  an hour-long anthology series that will feature the world’s most compelling fashion designers working today. Combining biography and documentary storytelling, each episode will delve into the life and work of one iconic designer. We will follow them in the weeks leading up to a crucial moment in their career. Being immersed in their lives, we gain unique access into the way they work and the intimate stories of how they got to this place so many strive for but never achieve.