'Storage 24' With Noel Clarke Coming Out On Blu-Ray In The U.K.
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'Storage 24' With Noel Clarke Coming Out On Blu-Ray In The U.K.

nullNoel Clarke must be the hardest working unknown in the film business. In the last 2 to 3 years the guy has been on a rabid tear either acting, writing, producing and directing films with no let up. And he has another four projects already in post-production

The only problem, of course, is that he's been doing it almost entirely in the U.K. while here in the States he's still pretty much unknown..(Unless you've been reading S & A on a regular basis) Though he'll finally seen by a mass audience here in this country when the new Star Trek film, in which he has a supporting role, comes out next year

However back in April Tambay profiled his one of his latest movies, in which he stars in, the sci-fi/horror film  Storage 24 (HERE) driected by Johannes Roberts.

I don't know what kind of theatrical release the film got in the U.K. and overseas, but the film is being released in the U.K. on October 29th on Blu-ray DVD from Universal Home Entertainment. 

Accrding the official synopsis the films deals with "a military cargo plane crashes in London – carnage and choas ensue as its hughly classified contents are strewn across the city. Unaware of the state of emergency, a recently separated young couple have aksed their friends to accompany them to the Storage 24 depot to divide up their possessions after their break up. When the power suddenty goes off, the friends find themselseves trapped inside the depot and prey to an alien intent on hunting down one by one".

Sounds like the film as all the makings of an unpretentious and entertaining B movie horror thriller

Though no U.S. release date has been announced yet for the DVD, one is sure to be announced in the near furutre.

The DVD will host a ton of extra features including audio commentaries by Clarke and Roberts, deleted scenes, featurettes on production design, costume, music, sound and creature design and even a second commentary track by Clarke with the actors in the film..

But what's even more interesting is one extra feature called: A Day in the Life of Noel Clarke.

Personally I would love to see that. Just exactly is a day in life of Clarke just like? How does he even find time to sleep?

Here's the trailer

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