'Survivor' Has An All-Black Alliance Like 'Big Brother's 'The Cookout,' Racists Are Big Mad
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'Survivor' Has An All-Black Alliance Like 'Big Brother's 'The Cookout,' Racists Are Big Mad

The latest season of Survivor is getting hate from racists who claim that the alliance of Black players is racist.

Even though the current season of Survivor was filmed before the season of Big Brother featuring The Cookout, viewers are claiming that the alliance featuring players Deshawn Radden, Liana Wallace, Danny McCray and Shantel “Shan” Smith, is following in Big Brother‘s footsteps by embracing reverse racism.

According to Heavy.com, one viewer wrote on Twitter, “And…I just watched my last #Suvivor episode. I can’t handle another racist season like we just sat through with Big Brother. See you next year, #Survivor, if you’re done with the f—ing bulls—.”

Another viewer called Survivor “a racist game, like Big Brother.” Another claimed they’ve never seen white casts creating all-white alliances, which is factually untrue, going by prior seasons of Survivor and other reality TV shows.

Other viewers love the alliance, with one saying in particular, “It’s just wild that people cannot even think outside themselves for one minute and consider why the Black players are drawn to working together because it truly is not complicated. Stay mad tho, racists.”

'The Cookout' on 'Big Brother' was historic

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves has talked to Entertainment Weekly about critics calling The Cookout racist, saying, “In my humble opinion, it is not.”

“As a fan of the show, it’s impressive to see an alliance this big make it this far. That rarely happens,” she said, describing the alliance between players Hannah Chaddha, Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young. The alliance resulted in Prather becoming the series’ first Black winner, taking home $750,000. Frazier took home the $75,000 runner-up prize and Mitchell won a $50,000 prize as America’s favorite houseguest.

The members have also commented on accusations of racism, with Awasum saying, “[reverse racism] does not exist. It’s literally impossible to have [that] happen.”

“…Now granted, the reason that we’re all together transcends the game,” said Prather. “[B]ut when you’re in the alliance in the Big Brother house your goal is to get out every other person who’s not in that alliance. And that’s what we did.”

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