'Swagger': Go 'Beyond The Court' With Kevin Durant, Reggie Rock Bythewood And O'Shea Jackson Jr. [Exclusive]
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'Swagger': Go 'Beyond The Court' With Kevin Durant, Reggie Rock Bythewood And O'Shea Jackson Jr. [Exclusive]

Shadow and Act has an exclusive featurette behind the scenes of Apple TV+’s Swagger.

The show follows the journey through youth basketball, focusing on the players, families and coaches that make up a world of dreams and ambition that can be overrun by corruption and opportunism.

The series stars O’Shea Jackson Jr., Tristan Mack Wilds and Isaiah Hill among others, and is loosely based on the experiences of NBA superstar, Kevin Durant.  

In the exclusive featurette, the cast and crew reflect on the real-life events of 2020 that inspired the show and the importance of telling these stories.

1. This exclusive clip explores the impact of putting real world events into the 'Swagger':


In an exclusive featurette, Swagger looks at the off-the-court journeys the characters partake in outside the game of Basketball. The piece was inspired by the creator of the series and executive producer Reggie Blythewood’s attempt to include the real-life events of 2020 into the series touching on the political and societal issues going on and how they have affected the world and characters of Swagger

The exclusive clip features creator Reggie Blythewood, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and NBA star Kevin Durant whose younger years playing high-level youth basketball-inspired much of the show.

The importance of telling stories that make an impact and making sure that young black voices are heard is one of the missions of the series. Exploring the hardships and weight of the world that young people can feel in the midst of their own personal journey was an important part of the project and is a critical aspect of the story.

The societal and political struggles of 2020 that resulted from the killing of George Floyd and the Coronavirus pandemic were inserted into the story out of the necessity to give the audience something important to take away from the series.

2. Check out the clip below: