T. J. Holmes Talks Candidly About The State Of 'Don't Sleep!' + BET's Recent Downsizing Of The Show
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T. J. Holmes Talks Candidly About The State Of 'Don't Sleep!' + BET's Recent Downsizing Of The Show


As Sergio revealed in a post last week, BET Networks has effectively downsized its new fall series, Don't Sleep!, hosted by T. J. Holmes, which made its debut almost 2 months ago, October 1 during the 11-11:30 pm time slot, going up directly against highly-rated The Daily News with John Stewart on Comedy Central.

Some would say that BET acted a bit too hastily in making this adjustment to the series, given how long it's been on the air; others would argue that the series just isn't catching on as it needs to, and that BET had to make some kind of an adjustment sooner, rather than later, if the show is going to be given a chance to survive.

I've already shared my thoughts (you can read them HERE if you'd like), so I won't rehash; but what does the host of the show, T. J. Holmes think of the show, as well as all that's transpired in the last week – specifically BET's move to a 1 hour, 1 day a week format, from the nightly (Monday through Thursday) 30-minute broadcast.

In what I think may be the first interview he's given about the show and the recent cut-back, Holmes visited Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club, in studio, and gave what I thought was a very candid interview about the show, BET, and recent changes.

It's just over 18-minutes long, and I think definitely worth listening to:

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