Tamar Braxton And Nene Leakes: The Rumored Reason Why They May Have Fallen Out
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Tamar Braxton And Nene Leakes: The Rumored Reason Why They May Have Fallen Out

Reality star Nene Leakes and “Love and War” singer Tamar Braxton were once good friends. The two were seen hanging out frequently and supporting each other through good and bad times. But when fans noticed the two didn’t hang out as much, and Braxton unfollowed Nene Leakes on social media, speculation began. Fans were left wondering what happen between the friends. Blogger Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked spilled a little tea recently, giving fans some insight into what may have happened.

Jason Lee spills the tea on Tamar and Nene's friendship fallout

Lee recently spoke about former friends’ dirty laundry on Hollywood Unlocked. While discussing Braxton’s alleged new romance with attorney Jeremy Robinson, he alleged Leakes and Braxton fell out over a man.

“Tay Tay, you have to give me some answers because the last time I heard you had a man was somebody that NeNe was trying to hook up with her home girl…after y’all went on a double date. Did I just spill some tea? Okay,” Lee claimed.

Lee continued explaining the fallout, though he admits Braxton didn't give him permission to do so. He added: “Tamar and NeNe went on a double date with NeNe’s man who’s allegedly married to a woman and another man who she liked. And NeNe tried to hook up her friend with the guy Tamar was talking to behind Tamar’s back. They all went to Miami or Trip behind Tamar’s back. And Tamar found out.”

Lee blasted Leakes for her alleged actions. “Well, look I don’t know if I was supposed to say anything. But” NeNe that was some shady *** ****. And that’s why I don’t **** with people.”

He continued:

“And I’ma tell y’all right now. If I bring y’all around my man do not play with me cause Tamar, she is under construction so she ain’t gon say nothing. She was hurt by that…I should just say allegedly all the way through that., right? I can provide receipts upon request,” he added.”

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