Teaser Trailer For New Web Series 'Smoke And Mirrors,' From The Creator Of 'P.O.P.'
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Teaser Trailer For New Web Series 'Smoke And Mirrors,' From The Creator Of 'P.O.P.'


You remember Artemus

Jenkins don’t you? He’s the guy who gave us the much-talked about web series documentary, P.O.P, about the lives of performers

at an Atlanta strip club.

He had informed us when we posted the last episode of P.O.P., that he was working on a new web

series; and below is the teaser trailer

for his new production, which premieres on June


It’s called Smoke

and Mirrors, which Jenkins co-created with KarynRose Bruyning, and which deals with the ever burning issues of relationships

between black men and women.

Why this subject? Well according to Bruyning “there

aren’t enough examples of what relationships look like for both sides. We have

unfairly all become comfortable with the idea that men are womanizers and women

are crazy. This is not the picture of what relationships are and as a woman, I

thought it necessary to educate people on what the truth is and them what it

looks like for the sake of love everywhere.”

As for Jenkins, the reason for creating this series is

more personal: “The idea for this series came to

me the morning after my most recent relationship ended. As I was laying on the

couch trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself as a newly single

man the ideas just started pouring out of me and I decided I should go ahead

and tell my story, without necessarily trying to create something that would

seem like a how-to guide for  women.”

And there you have it. 

Here’s the trailer:

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