'The Best Man Holiday' Looks Solid For A Potential $100 Million Gross
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'The Best Man Holiday' Looks Solid For A Potential $100 Million Gross


Back in September, on this site, Tambay speculated that The Best Man Holiday, which is opening

this Friday, could hit the coveted $100

million mark at the box office (read that post HERE).

The article got a lot of comments, with some of you saying

that it definitely would, while others

where very skeptical (including myself, dare I say). 

Well, it looks like the naysayers could very well be wrong.

The Chicago Sun Times today reports that the film is

enjoying incredible advance ticket sales around the country, primarily by women, of course (with a few guys dragged into buying tickets) and that many screenings

are sold out already.

The article reports that women are planning to see the

film in groups of friends, as many as 35 together. Even sororities have been buying block of

tickets for shows around the country, guaranteeing sold out screenings this weekend.

According to Harry

Medved of ticket sales site Fandango, “Clearly,

this is a social phenomenon where moviegoers have been planning for weeks in

advance. They’re guaranteeing their seats because they know it’s going to be

sold out on opening weekend. This is definitely one of our top sellers of the


Also according to Medved, … polling found that 73 percent

of advance ticket buyers had seen the original film three times or more, and 40

percent will see the sequel with four or more friends,” and that they haven’t

seen this kind of anticipation for a romantic film since the Sex and the City movie, which grossed over $152 million domestic.

So there you have it. 

By Sunday, when this weekend’s box office results are reported, we’ll know more of

the story…

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