'The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution' EXTENDED in NYC & Boston + Upcoming Openings for the Rest of the Year
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'The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution' EXTENDED in NYC & Boston + Upcoming Openings for the Rest of the Year

nullI certainly hope that all those folks who were upset with my box office piece on "The Perfect Guy" (and the "support black films" brigade) will be rushing out to see this when it comes to a theater in your neck of the woods; or you have already seen it, if it’s currently playing at a theater near you (or you plan to).

For those in NYC and Boston, you should know that it’s been extended for at least another week, meaning, if you haven’t seen it yet, and you live in those 2 cities, you’re in luck! 

This weekend, it opens in DC, Philadelphia, Providence, Baltimore, St. Louis, Seattle, and Santa Fe. 

For the rest of the country, check out the full schedule of planned openings through November in the table below, and look for your city. It’s not expected to travel the entire country, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, make the effort to see it at your local theater before it leaves. It’ll eventually be broadcast as part of PBS’ independent film series "INDEPENDENT LENS," but that won’t be until some time in 2016. Although if it continues to fare well during its theatrical run, there’s a good chance that the run will be extended, and the film will open in even more cities; hence why it’s important to see it while it’s in theaters.

Stanley Nelson’s acclaimed new documentary, “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution" is a definitive portrait of the Black Panther Party – its rise and fall – painting a complete and accurate account of the revolutionary black nationalist organization; a film that should act as a reminder, as well as an education (especially for the uninitiated, unaware of those whose shoulders they stand on). 

As Nelson himself states, the rise and fall of the Black Panther Party is a story "that hasn’t been told," adding that, "the Panthers have been part of other films, or there have been stories about individual Panthers. But there’s never been a really great movie about the Black Panther Party."

The documentary not only looks at the rise and fall of the Party, but also its influence on how African Americans think of themselves today, especially in consideration of recent (and ongoing) collective action within communities nationwide, in response to multiple incidents of police brutality that led to fatalities. A key Panther practice was its monitoring of police officers, and challenges of police brutality.  

Said Mr. Nelson. “The Black Panthers made an indelible imprint on American culture and politics. The story of their rise and fall is essential history for understanding the times we live in, and the complicated political dynamics that are still at play.”

"The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution" made its world premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Read Ashley Clark’s interview with former Panther Jamal Joseph here.

Here are current and upcoming screenings of the film. It’s even heading to the UK!


Film Forum

9/15, 5:00pm: Stanley Nelson, co-presented by Studio Museum of Harlem, New York Historical Society, and the Museum of Contemportary African Diasporan Arts

New York, NY


AMC Magic Johnson Harlem

9/15, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson and Panther William "BJ" Johnson, moderated by 1199

Harlem, NY


Landmark Kendall Square

Boston, MA


Space Gallery

Portland, ME

September 16

Charles Theater

7:00pm, Special advance screening with Stanley Nelson, moderated by Charles Robinson, Maryland Public TV

Baltimore, MD

Opens September 18

E Street Cinema

9/18, 4:30pm: Stanley Nelson, presented by Million Hoodies for Justice and Black Lives Matter

9/18, 7:15pm: Stanley Nelson with Tiffany Loftin (AFL-CIO), Oluwakemi Oso (Black Youth Project), moderated by Austin Thompson of Working Families

9/19, 4:30pm: Producer Laurens Grant, moderated by Judith Brown-Dianis of Advancement Project

9/19, 7:15pm: Producer Laurens Grant and Ka Flewellen of ONE DC, moderated by Eugene Puryear of ONE DC

Washington, DC

Opens September 18

Landmark Ritz at the Bourse

9/18, 4:00pm: Producer Laurens Grant and Panther Sultan Ahmad

9/18, 7:00pm: Producer Laurens Grant and Panther Sultan Ahmad

9/20, 4:00pm: Stanley Nelson, moderated by David Haas

9/20, 7:00pm: Stanley Nelson, moderated by WHYY’s James Peterson of ‘The Remix’

Philadelphia, PA

Opens September 18

Cable Car Cinema

Providence, RI

Opens September 18

Charles Theatre

9/19, 1:15pm: Stanley Nelson, moderated by DeRay McKesson

9/19, 4:05pm: Stanley Nelson, presented by ACLU

9/19, 7:00pm: Stanley Nelson

Baltimore, MD

Opens September 18

AMC Loews White Marsh 16

Baltimore, MD

Opens September 18

Webster Film Series

9/18, 7:30pm: Special panel including Tory Russell, Johnson Lancaster, and Stephanie Williams moderated by MK Stallings

St. Louis, MO

Opens September 18

Northwest Film Forum

Seattle, WA

Opens September 18

CCA Santa Fe

9/20, 2:00pm: Special panel including Fred Hampton attorney Jeff Haas and Black Panther Aaron Dixon

Santa Fe, NM
September 18

Sydney Underground Film Festival


September 18

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival

Cleveland, OH

September 20

Sydney Underground Film Festival


Opens September 25

Landmark Nuart

Stanley Nelson in person 9/25 and 9/26!

Los Angeles, CA

Opens September 25

Gene Siskel Film Center

9/25, 8:00pm: Tracye Matthews and Panther Dr. Ahmad Rahman

9/26, 8:00pm: Hosted by ImageNation

9/27, 5:00pm: Stanley Nelson, moderated by Leah Gipson of Long Walk Home

9/28, 8:00pm: Reginald Edmund of the African American Arts Alliance

10/1, 8:15pm: Hosted by Columbia College Black Student Union

Chicago, IL

Opens September 25

O Cinema Wynwood

Miami, FL

Opens September 25

Digital Gym Cinema

San Diego, CA

September 28

Milwaukee Film Festival – BlackLENS Special Screening

Stanley Nelson in person!

Milwaukee, WI

September 30

Marchesa Hall & Theater

Presented by the Austin Film Society

Austin, TX

Opens October 2

Landmark Opera Plaza

Stanley Nelson in person opening weekend!

San Francisco, CA

Opens October 2

Piedmont Theatre

Stanley Nelson in person opening weekend!

Oakland, CA

Opens October 2

Shattuck Cinemas

Stanley Nelson in person opening weekend!

Berkeley, CA

Opens October 2

Smith Rafael Film Center

Stanley Nelson in person opening weekend!

San Rafael, CA

October 5

Milwaukee Film Festival – BlackLENS Special Screening

Milwaukee, WI

October 7

Images Cinema

Williamstown, MA

October 8

Hollywood Theatre – Special Advance Screening

Portland, OR

Opens October 9

Hollywood Theatre

Portland, OR

Opens October 9

Landmark Midtown Art Cinemas

Stanley Nelson in person 10/9 and 10/10!

Atlanta, GA

Opens October 9

Landmark Theatres

Minneapolis, MN

Opens October 9

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

Toronto, CANADA

Opens October 9

Real Art Ways

Hartford, CT

October 9

Gary International Black Film Festival

Gary, IN

October 11

Detroit Film Theater

Stanley Nelson via Skype Q&A!

Detroit, MI

October 16

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

Grand Rapids, MI

October 16

Derby Quad


October 19

Doc Days at Curzon Soho


October 20

Little Theater

Rochester, NY

Opens October 23



Opens October 23


Bristol, ENGLAND

Opens October 23


Cardiff, ENGLAND

Opens October 23

Broadway Cinema

Nottigham, ENGLAND

October 28

Movies That Movies – University of Calgary

Calgary, CANADA

Opens October 30

Phoenix Cinema


Opens October 30


Birmingham, ENGLAND

Opens October 30


Manchester, ENGLAND

Opens October 30

Irish Film Institute


Opens October 30


Sheffield, ENGLAND

November 3

The Nickelodeon

Columbia, SC

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