The Black Race Trophy - Black Brazil's "Oscar"
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The Black Race Trophy - Black Brazil's "Oscar"


News to me, and therefore news you can use…

Called the Black Race Trophy or in Portuguese, Troféu Raça Negra', the event was created by Afrobras in the year 2000, marking the 500th anniversary of the *discovery* of Brazil (claimed by Portugal in April 1500). It was created to highlight the work of Africans in Brazil, or as they put it, "established as the most important recognition to people of all races who struggle for recovery and inclusion of blacks in Brazilian society."

My Portuguese is rusty, but I think that's about right 🙂

It is also referred to as the "Oscar" of the black Brazilian community.

The last event was held on November 13th, 2011 in São Paulo (being the city in Brazil with the highest concentration of black people), where trophies were handed out and winners celebrated, including Lucy Ramos, who was awarded the Best actress Black Race Trophy and Micael Borges for Best actor.

Lucy Ramos has appeared in one American film – the horror thriller Turistas. Didn't see it, but from a few reactions I heard about it, Brazil isn't painted in the best light. 

As for Micael Borges, he was one of the "runts" in City Of God, but has apparently come a long way since that 2002 critically-acclaimed hit.

This all reminds me of the Black Oscars here in the USA. 

The Afro-Europe blog has the rest of the Black Race Trophy ceremony in Brazil HERE.

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