"The Chi" Creator Lena Waithe Calls 'Atlanta' Emmy Snub "Disheartening"
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"The Chi" Creator Lena Waithe Calls 'Atlanta' Emmy Snub "Disheartening"

In a profile by Variety for its “Women in Power” cover story, The Chi creator Lena Waithe shared her views on how award shows treat Black art. In particular, her ire was set toward the Emmys, which awarded The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel over Atlanta‘s stellar second season.

“The second season of Atlanta was one of the most phenomenal seasons of television I’ve ever witnessed. That’s Lena Waithe’s opinion,” she said. “Now, the Academy can do what it wants, but I think it can be a little disheartening when you see something so artful, and so brave, and so groundbreaking, and for it not be rewarded can be disappointing. That’s all I will say. I’ll leave it there.”

Waithe did add, however, that the goal of producing TV that relates to diverse audiences isn’t for the awards, but to inspire others and show them that they matter.

“The rewards and all that kind of stuff is icing, but it’s not the goal. Whether the conversation changes or not, Atlanta has already affected us in so many ways. We still talk about it, we’re still haunted by it. And some little Black kid in Detroit who watches it and sees themselves doesn’t care if it won an Emmy or not. They just know that there’s an artist out there that sees them, and understands them, and knows who they are. That is award enough because when we don’t see ourselves in a real way, we start to feel invisible. That’s the difference between putting Black people on TV, and putting us on TV in a way that is honest, and raw, and real.”

You can read the full interview at Variety.

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