'The Chi' Star Jasmine Davis Responds To Report That She Used A Fake COVID Vaccination Card, Resulting In Her Exit From Show
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'The Chi' Star Jasmine Davis Responds To Report That She Used A Fake COVID Vaccination Card, Resulting In Her Exit From Show

The Chi actress Jasmine Davis left the show under suspicious reasons, and now we know what those reasons are.

According to Page Six, the actress was discovered to have given the series’ producers a fake COVID-19 vaccination card, which launched an investigation.

According to Page Six's source, Davis initially asked for a vaccination exemption, and after she submitted the fake card and was found out, she quit the series.

Davis posted on social media about leaving The Chi in April. She wrote on Twitter that she would be talking “in the next coming weeks” about the show, which she called a “very toxic environment.”


According to Page Six, Davis, who is also openly trans, told fans that she left the series due to "personal unhappiness."

“[For] 2 years i’ve been bullied 4 being on a show that was kind of a nightmare & the moment I clap back Instagram flag my comment as harassing them for trying to harass me on my page it’s unfar how they can come on my page and say whatever with no consequences.”

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Davis made an Instagram Live video to debunk the report about using a fake vaccination card. She said the report was a “political stunt.”

"It's really sad that people try to use a political stunt to try and slur my name," she said.

“I have given them months, and they knew about me leaving back in December. I’d already told them I was coming forth to tell the people why I left before I even announced that. So I just want you guys to remember something: They are just now trying to slur my name. They are only doing this in a counterattack against what I’m about to say. They are so afraid of what I’m about to say that they had to strike with their counterattack before I even spoke one word in an interview.”

She continued, saying, "This should let everyone know--the American people and all my fans in Europe right now that's looking--how and what I had to deal with. I am no longer afraid. I no longer fear being bullied. I've already experienced getting bullied for two years straight."

“I’m no longer affected by any harshness, any more emotional abuse that I’ve had to endure,” she said. “And this is their latest attack. And I feel sorry for them that they had to go this low to use a political attack to try to defame my name of a show that already was dysfunctional.”

She went on to say that she has "receipts" that can back up her claims of a poor working environment, including examples of her "constantly complaining about treatment, how I felt like I was treated by some employees on the Disney productions." She also said she has recordings of her complaining about treatment and of people wanting to work with her despite her refusal.

She finished by saying she was at her “wit’s end,” adding that The Chi‘s team “can’t go around and say bad things about me. I’m not one of those people…so they had to use a political stunt, which don’t even matter.”

Execs behind The Chi haven’t spoken publicly about Davis’ assertions as of this post.

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