The Continuum of Black Stand-up Comedy, Pt. 2: 'The Original Kings of Comedy'
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The Continuum of Black Stand-up Comedy, Pt. 2: 'The Original Kings of Comedy'

nullWhen four of the most popular Black comedians of the time came together for a stand-up comedy film directed by Spike Lee, a lot of people watched, and laughed. Continuing an established black stand-up tradition paved by Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Red Foxx, “The Original Kings of Comedy” (2000) saw Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, DL Hughley and Cedric The Entertainer reprise popular, controversial topics of race, Black family dynamics and religion with distinctly different twists.

In one of his most hilarious routines, the late Bernie Mac gives new meaning to “Milk and Cookies” as he describes the unruly behavior of a niece and nephew who torment him with their requests. With his unforgettable flurry of language and tone, Mac manages to bring the children to life, while also disciplining them and directing the audience’s rolling laughter. This skit and others undoubtedly laid the foundation for his later venture in TV with “The Bernie Mac Show,” which aired for several seasons.

Have you ever seen the film? What were some of your favorite routines or moments? What Black stand-up films kept you laughing?

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