'Bulletproof': The CW Acquires Noel Clarke And Ashley Waters 'Bad Boys'-Inspired UK Dramedy As A Summer Series
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'Bulletproof': The CW Acquires Noel Clarke And Ashley Waters 'Bad Boys'-Inspired UK Dramedy As A Summer Series

In summer 2018, The CW started acquiring international series for summer runs. For summer 2019, the network is upping the ante and getting more shows for summer runs, including the UK cop drama Bulletproof, which stars Ashley Peters and Noel Clarke.

The first season of the show aired in the UK on Sky One this summer.

Here is the official description from the network: "Adrenalin-fuelled and packed with compelling characters, Bulletproof follows two undercover cops, Bishop (Clarke) and Pike (Walters) as they chase down hardened criminals in London's East End. On the surface Bishop and Pike have a lot in common, they are cool, smart and unapologetically street-wise and tough. But even more, they share a deep, fraternal relationship and are always there for each other. However, they come from very different backgrounds and their personal motivations and emotional lives outside the police force differ as a result. Pike is an aspirational family man, the son of a decorated police officer who is determined to follow in his father's footsteps, but not be in his shadow.

Meanwhile, Bishop grew up in care homes and on the streets and never knew his father. Despite these differences, Bishop and Pike are bonded by the same moral code and work brilliantly well together even when the chemistry between them looks set to explode. Full of grit and sometimes gloss, Bulletproof is stylish and funny with entertaining, riveting criminal cases in each episode. At its heart, though, it is a series about the fascinating relationships between fathers and sons, as well as between best friends."

For several years, Walters and Clarke had eyed a UK version of Bad Boys. Whether the inspired British take would be a movie or a TV series was discussed, and last we heard about the possibility, around 2014, the mystery project had received a title, Full Clip, with a synopsis tease (two undercover cops in London working on a “big case"), further elaborating that was about two polar opposite guys learning to relate and work with each other, and obviously solve the “big case."

Bulletproof is created and written by Clarke and Walters, collaborating with writer, director and executive producer Nick Love. Producers include Vertigo Films and Company Pictures. Executive producers are Allan Niblo, Michele Buck and Judy Counihan.