The Daily Beast States The Obvious...
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The Daily Beast States The Obvious...

nullThe obvious being that black actresses are having a very hard time finding not just good roles, but, bascially, roles, period. So what else is new???

Today in The Daily Beast, columnist Allison Samuels, who tends to catch on to something months after it's happened (you know like American astronauts landing on the moon) writes about the difficulty that black actresses have today working in their profession. Not exactly revelatory news to anyone.

The article is similar to my recent post about Nelson George's "a-day-late-and-dollar-short" recent article in the New York Times about the current crop of up-and-coming independent black filmmakers. Though the only ones he was obviously aware of were those graduated from NYU Film School, unaware of the other 98% of indie black filmmakers out there.

Like the George piece, Samuels' article is really for white people who have no idea that things are hard for black actresses. You know the ones who say: "Why I had NO idea about this! I thought all black actresses worked on The Help. Wasn't Queen Latiah in it or was that Whoopi?"

So out of curiousity, if you're interested in reading Samuels' piece you can do so right HERE, but you're not going to read anything you don't already know.

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