The Part Where Michonne Is Raped By The Governor In 'The Walking Dead' & Reaction To This...
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The Part Where Michonne Is Raped By The Governor In 'The Walking Dead' & Reaction To This...


Disclaimer: I haven't read the comic books, nor am I all caught up in the TV series like many of you are, so I don't really have any stake in its success or failure, in part because I'm not familiar with the source material. 

And despite all the conversation about The Walking Dead, this is the first time I'm reading or hearing anyone talk about this:

So seriously, there’s a storyline in the walking dead where the governor rapes Michonne. I’d like to take my time analyzing why the most powerful black female character in the entire series is the only 1 subjected to a vicious rape. I’d like to take my time analyzing why it’s not something fans of the show ever decry. I’d like to take my time analyzing why it’s such a titillating experience for so many fans of the graphic novels and the television show. but I’m not going to do any of that. On going to do is express my extreme disappointment, disgust, and general lack of comfort around fans of the show who really want to see Michonne be attacked.

I lifted that from The Chocolate Brigade tumblr, via The AfroFuturist Affair

It ends with this:

Now give Michonne more lines, she is too badass to be limited to glares, frowns, and one line per episode […] It’s funny, I remember reading some of the monthly fan mail and one letter was calling out the author of TWD for the sexualization of Michonne by rape and of course, cognitive dissonance sparked heavy denial. But when you look at the fans and the boners some receive at the sight of Michonne being brutally beaten, raped, and dehumanized, it’s clear there is something quite sinister to our culture in regards to women.

Now I've definitely heard calls for Michonne to be given more to do, and used more in the series than she currently is, especially compared to the graphic novel. But, like I said, the whole sexualization by rape is news to me.

Those of you who are familiar with the source material, your take on all this? I'm guessing that this rape sequence didn't and will not make it into the TV series? And who are these fanboys who are salivating at the thought of watching Michonne be brutally raped?

First, you should read the full article and reply HERE.

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