'The Real': Viewers Upset At Hosts' Conversation About Incarcerated People Using TikTok
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'The Real': Viewers Upset At Hosts' Conversation About Incarcerated People Using TikTok

TikTok has become the new social media craze. Its popularity grew more during the coronavirus quarantine, with everyday people and celebrities alike participating in various dance challenges, comedy sketches, and more. Megan The Stallion’s “Savage” challenge had everyone from Mason Disick to Ryan Destiny and Normani showing off their best moves. Millions have shared their videos across all social media platforms and new influencers have emerged as a result.

Apparently, incarcerated persons also have access to TikTok, and the hosts of the Fox daytime talk show The Real are not happy about it. Guest host Ryan Michelle Bathe, who has been filling in for Loni Love, is the only one who was in favor of it. Comedian Loni Love was the first to express her disagreement with incarcerated citizens being able to utilize the platform. 

“A lot of them are doing it because they get money. They put their CashApp in their account and they’re getting money,” she said. “I don’t think it’s right. You’re in prison for a reason. You ain’t in prison to be partying and making dance videos.”

Newcomer Garcelle Beauvais agreed, as well as Adrienne Houghton, with Houghton saying, “When you’re talking about violent crimes or something like that, that’s upsetting. Like I can’t imagine you having done something violent to a family member, killing someone in my family, and then I get to see you do a little song and a dance on TikTok. That would piss me off.”

Social media users are blasting the hosts, with many calling them judgemental and pointing out the many major injustices currently taking place that they find more important than inmates using TikTok. Considering the movement to reform and even abolish prisons, the hosts’ comments are coming across as tone-deaf. 




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