The Richest & Most Powerful Actresses In Nollywood
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The Richest & Most Powerful Actresses In Nollywood


Courtesy of, a list of Nollywood's (Nigeria's film industry, for those still not aware) richest actresses. 

An industry that, we could say, isn't taken very seriously within the international film marketplace, but one that is said to be one of the top 3 in the world in terms of output, with product that travels widely. So, of course, there's a star system and money being made in bunches by a select few lucky ones; even though most of these names and faces aren't at all familiar (compared to their western counterparts), to film audiences outside Nigeria.

But that's ok I think; maybe not now, but eventually, that'll change as we start to see more collaborations between Nollywood actors, directors, producers, and those in the USA and/or Europe.

There's gold in them thar hills…  and these the few who have stacks of it locked away and earning interest.

As the piece states:

They are elegant, sizzling, bold and beautiful. They are the sum total of the African woman. What has separated the best from the rest and the leaders from the less is nothing but business inventory and diversity, creativity and learning about surrounding opportunities. I am hereby delighted to present to you the richest and most powerful actresses in nollywood at the moment. Compared to their counterparts in Bollywood and Hollywood, the actresses may be nowhere, but the truth of the matter is that they are heading somewhere greater.

Here are the top 3 from a list of 18; by the way, the photo at the top of this post is the actress in the number 1 position:

1. INI OBONG EDO N130 million Ini Edo is the all time richest actress in nollywood history. Although it has been a long journey but it has also been a position earned by perfection. She is not only an actress but also a producer. Within the past three years her endorsement profile which includes Globacom, Noble Hair, has hit about N90 million. She has also earned more money in a single year than any other actress in nollywood and has also featured in more movies in a single year than any other actress. The movie ‘’in the cupboard ‘’ which she played the lead actress is currently in the cinema’s in the United States. Her movie ‘’I will take my chances’’ from the stables of the royal arts academy would hit the cinema by next year. Ini has several investments that include real estate and fashion.

2. UCHE JOMBO N127 million Everyone knows her friends, desmond elliot, ini edo, monalisa chinda, emen isong. Uche jombo is an actress, a producer and a business woman. Her determination and desire to bring quality picture to nollywood movies cannot be over emphasized. By the end of 2010 uche jombo pocketed about N50 million from endorsement and earnings from movies alone. Her investments revolve around real estate, movie production and marketing, import and export. Uche took the bold step few years ago when she became the first full time actress cum producer in nollywood. That move has paid off and has completely put her at the top. Many of her colleagues have since followed her steps.

3. RITA DOMINIQUE N100 million From the face of Nokia to Globacom and now Arik Air, rita dominique has re-invented herself to become one of the most powerful actresses of all times in nollywood. She is at the moment producing her own movie that would be released in the cinema by 2012.

And by the way, the "N" preceding each number stands for Naira. Converting those amounts to dollars… N130 Million for Ini Obong Edo is the equivalent of around $800,000. I believe these numbers reflect networth, though the article doesn't specify. 

You can read the full piece HERE, and see the remaining 15 actresses on the list.

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