'The Steve Harvey Show' In Talks To Continue Through 2015
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'The Steve Harvey Show' In Talks To Continue Through 2015

nullWhether you love him or can’t stand the sight of him, one thing for sure is that The Steve Harvey Show is a bona fide hit.

According to an article in the New York Times today, about the success of Harvey’s show, even though Katie Couric’s daytime talk show is first among all the new talk shows that premiered this season, Harvey’s show is a very close second, with his average daily audience being just under 2.25 million, compared to her 2.25 million.

But Couric’s numbers are usually lower than her show’s lead-in show, while Harvey’s ratings are usually higher than his lead-in show, and, as a result, programs that come on after his have seen an improvement in their ratings this year.

Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, which usually follows

Harvey’s on most NBC owned stations, has experienced a rating increase of

13%, which they say is mainly due to Harvey’s show as a lead in. As a result, earlier this month, Warner Brothers TV made a deal to continue Ellen through 2017.

And Harvey’s show has been a moneymaker for the local stations it’s on as well, since it costs a lot less to produce than Couric’s, which means it costs them less to carry it.

No surprise then that Endemol, the production company that produces Harvey’s show, is right hard at work, right now, talking to local stations to make deals to carry the show though 2015 and to pay a lot more to carry it too.

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