The Surprising "Must See" Television Shows For President Obama Are...
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The Surprising "Must See" Television Shows For President Obama Are...

President ObamaI've always been a fervent supporter of President Obama and when he revealed back in 2008 his love of HBO's The Wire, his stock increased.  After all, it wasn't a "safe" pick to name and, in my opinion, it conveyed a certain edginess.

With his recent viewing habits revealed in an interview with People magazine, that stock rises again.  So what's on his list?  Here's what he said:

"For the girls and me, Modern Family, that's our favorite show," the President says, adding that he's "a little darker" in his TV habits, listing Boardwalk Empire and Homeland as his must-sees, other than sports.

Sounds pretty cool to me!  I haven't had a chance to check out Homeland  but it's now on my list of shows to check out.  View the trailer below.

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