'The View' Co-Hosts React To Pope Francis' Opinion On Sex Before Marriage: 'Thank God!'
Photo Credit: ABC

'The View' Co-Hosts React To Pope Francis' Opinion On Sex Before Marriage: 'Thank God!'

The View co-hosts are reeling from Pope Francis’ admission that sex before marriage might not be a big deal in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

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According to Decider, Whoopi Goldberg opened the discussion by quoting Pope Francis’ latest statement, saying, “Pope Francis raised everybody’s eyebrows by declaring that sex outside marriage is ‘not the most serious sin’…and everybody was like, ‘Wait, what?’ Because he’s the spiritual leader of the church and everything.”

Ana Navarro joked, “All I gotta say is thank God! Because maybe I won’t burn in hell!” She also later talked about how Pope Francis might be taking into account his own past, saying, “Also remember, he’s been in the priesthood since 1969 in Argentina. This pope has seen things! If we got rid of every priest who’s had sex outside of the priesthood, my poodle would be left giving the homily.”

Joy Behar said she wishes Pope Francis could co-host on Fridays, saying that she likes his stances on things.

“[A]s someone who was raised Catholic, the horse is out of the barn, It’s been out for quite a while now,” said Behar. “Get with the program! Nobody waits to be married anymore to have sex.”

Sara Haines also talked about how it’s “not natural” to repress sexual urges, but Sunny Hostin sobered everyone up with her point of view.

“I think we’re reading a little too much into what he said,” she said. “What he said was that sins of the flesh aren’t that serious. The context is that there was a French archbishop who resigned because he was having some sort of relationship with a woman…he denied adultery, but he said it was one of small caresses, a massage. It was a massage.”

Both Haines and Behar argued that he was still having a sexual or, at least, close to a sexual relationship.

“The Pope said there was a sin, but not the worst kind,” said Hostin.

The View‘s hot topics range the gamut from the political, to gossip, to something in the middle like Pope Francis’ admission. Even though the show does talk about pop culture, it is known for its intense political debates, especially when it comes to conservative guest hosts.

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