'The View' Guest Host Mia Love Could Replace Meghan McCain But Viewers Aren't On Board: 'Thirsty Conservatives'
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'The View' Guest Host Mia Love Could Replace Meghan McCain But Viewers Aren't On Board: 'Thirsty Conservatives'

Fans of The View are probably confused as to why show producers wanted to bring former conservative politician Mia Love back to the panel. But it seems like the producers like what Love is giving to the camera.

Primetimer reports that Love has has become the first guest host to return to the show this season. In the Hot Topics segment, Love did criticize the parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley and said that while she is a person who supports the 2nd Amendment to bear arms, she felt that Crumbley’s parents James and Jennifer Crumbley, who are now charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter, “absolutely bear responsibility.”

“As a person who is a supporter of the 2nd Amenedemnt, I am absolutely appalled by how these parents have allowed this young man to go into this school,” she said. “I am not opposed to the background checks. I am not opposed to having conversations about making sure that the 2nd Amendment is left for law-abiding citizens, and people who lack the ability to make a rational decision really should not have a weapon…I think these paretns were absolutely irresponsible. And I also say that they had no clear thought for human life or human dignity by allowing this to happen.”

1. She also discussed Rep. Thomas Massie, who posted a Christmas photo featuring his family holding military-style rifles days after the school shooting.

“I’ve always said, just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. I thought it was really insensitive,” she said.

Love also gave a defense of CNN head Jeff Zucker, who recently fired Chris Cuomo for his alleged involvement in his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual misconduct allegations. Love said she felt Zuckre “did the right thing” when it came to investigating Chris Cuomo’s involvement.

“In a world that we live in, and cancel culture, it would’ve been easy for him to just fire him right off the bat, but he took a moment,” she said. “They hired their own independent investigator, and when the facts came out, he acted swiftly. I think that’s good leadership.”

2. However, Love had a hard time to get other points made during her return to the show thanks to the other hosts talking over her.

And she was missing during actor Jordan Fisher’s interview. However, she did return during the show’s final segment.

But instead of feeling sympathy for Love, fans were annoyed with her insistence on asserting her belief in the 2nd Amendment, according to Decider. They also didn’t love hearing her voice.

“So you have to put out there that you’re a 2nd Amendment supporter…” wrote one viewer on Twitter, with several others writing their lack of enthusiasm for her return to the show. “Why is Mia Love back on The View[?] She’s very annoying,” wrote another.

“Mia Love. No. Her voice. The parade of rightwingers on #theview is exhausting. Please, stop,” wrote a viewer, who was backed up by another, writing, “Oh Mia Love is back…her voice kind of annoys me.”

“Listen, These litmus tests have NOT gone well for these thirsty conservatives after Meghan [McCain]’s seat. Mia is no exception. Next,” wrote another, summing up what many fans want from The View. But since the producers seem intent on filling McCain’s seat with another Republican, it remains to be seen if they will actually give a non-conservative a bigger shot at being a permanent host.

3. Watch a clip below:

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