'The View' Hired New Conservative Host Alyssa Farrah  Griffin Because She Wasn't Another Meghan McCain
Photo Credit: ABC

'The View' Hired New Conservative Host Alyssa Farrah Griffin Because She Wasn't Another Meghan McCain

Sources say that The View‘s unofficial permanent host, Alyssa Farrah Griffin, was hired because she wasn’t another Meghan McCain.

According to Page Six, sources said that Griffin is liked by the producers, the ABC News president, Kim Godwin and conservative viewers who have been looking for someone to root for and someone to balance the opinions of The View panel.

Particularly, sources say that producers are hoping that Griffin will become a fan favorite like Candace Cameron Bure and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Sources also say that conservative viewers want someone whose young and palatable. Reportedly, McCain wasn’t well liked by viewers and The View crew. Griffin, on the other hand, reportedly adds a good dynamic to the group.


However, fans have already said that they would boycott the series if Griffin was hired.

According to MEAWW, one viewer said she would quit watching the show if Griffin was hired, and other viewers implored the producers to realize that fans are happy not to have McCain or other potentially toxic opinions on their TV screens.

The View could also lose potential appearances from celebrities.

Recently, it was reported that Wanda Sykes turned down an appearance on the series because she reportedly didn’t want to help advance a former Trump administration member’s career.

Fans wanted the series to give Chelsea Clinton a chance. The daughter of former President Bill Clinton has guest-hosted before, and fans felt like she would be great since she didn’t have the stain of Trump, and her guest-hosting experience was well-received. One fan also wrote that they felt that Clinton would “be a great moderator.”

The series has also challenged Griffin on-screen regarding her former life as a Trump administration member.

Decider reported that Sunny Hostin asked Griffin why she stayed within the administration if she was starting to feel disturbed by its direction. Griffin said, “There are people who think that people like me…don’t deserve to have a voice because we worked for Donald Trump. I reject that. We are telling the truth now, we are telling it authentically, we are acknowledging what we did wrong…we all make mistakes.”

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