'The View': Joy Behar Laughs At Conservative Guest Host Lindsey Granger When She Says Trump Doesn't Represent Republicans
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'The View': Joy Behar Laughs At Conservative Guest Host Lindsey Granger When She Says Trump Doesn't Represent Republicans

The View‘s Joy Behar has had enough of guest host Lindsey Granger and her defense of Republicans regarding Trump.

According to Decider, Granger started getting on Behar’s nerves when The View panel began talking about how former Vice President Mike Pence’s security detail feared they would die Jan. 6, the day of the insurrection that former President Donald Trump supported to delegitimize Joe Biden’s presidency.

The revelation, which was made during the recent Jan. 6 hearings session, led Granger to say that Granger should "speak up" about all of the details surrounding that fateful day.

As she said, “This is not a Democrat or Republican thing. This is an ethics issue. This is a right or wrong thing.”

“I think I said I wanted to watch the hearings play out, and yesterday we knew what the minutes of time was [between Trump’s Jan. 6 speech and when he finally told his supporters to leave the Capitol and go home]–equates to three hours, 187 minutes,” she continued. “To know that the President wasn’t calling the National Guard, wasn’t calling the joint cheifs of staff–he was calling Giuliani at that time and sitting watching Fox News.”

Behar said that there was no record of him calling Giuliani and asked what the cover-up supposedly is.

Granger said that felt that Trump is a political party of one. “Trump doesn’t represent me, my values,” she said. “He doesn’t represent the Republican Party.”

This is where Granger lost Behar.

Behar interrupted, saying that her assertion that Trump doesn’t represent the Republican Party isn’t true. Granger said that in her opinion, Republicans don’t agree with Trump. “In my mind, in my opinion,” she said, making Behar laugh.

Ana Navarro, the other Republican on the panel, also chimed in, saying, "In my mind, I'm a Sports Illustrated cover model."

Political discussions are always compelling viewing on The View, but many times, viewers get frustrated with opinions that go against common knowledge, such as opinions regarding Trump and the Republican Party.

Navarro is consistently the most outspoken Republican on The View who rails against Trumpism, but occasionally, other Republican guest hosts, including some from the Trump administration, will also agree with the destruction Trump has caused to American politics.

Watch the clip below:

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