'The View': Whoopi Goldberg And Sunny Hostin Check Latest Conservative Guest Host Amanda Carpenter
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'The View': Whoopi Goldberg And Sunny Hostin Check Latest Conservative Guest Host Amanda Carpenter

The View is back in the saddle when it comes to taking on wild conservative talking points.

The small vacation we might have had with the co-hosts agreeing on Jussie Smollett and Pope Francis‘ latest forays in the news is over as political commentator Amanda Carpenter joined The View as the show’s latest guest co-host. And as expected, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin tag-teamed on showing her how her point of view doesn’t make any sense.

The panel discussed Texas' abortion law in which allows private citizens to sue anyone who takes part in an abortion, with Carpenter comparing it to Gavin Newsom's latest rule on gun control.

“I am pro-life. I believe that when you look at an ultrasound and you see a heartbeat, that is a life. But this Texas law does not foster a culture of life. It fosters a culture of divisiveness, vigilantism, and the fact that Gavin Newsom says, ‘Oh, what a great idea, let’s do that to enforce my pet issues,’ that is a disaster. You don’t not answer bad laws with more bad laws.”

Hostin challenged her on how broad her view of life is by saying, “It seems to me that if you’re pro-life, then you would be pro-life across the board in terms of protecting the sanctity of life, right? So pro-lifers should be supportive of Gavin Newsom’s law.”

After asking Carpenter to let her finish her point, Hostin said:

“So pro-life would mean that you are…against the death penalty, you’d be against the manufacuture of weapons of mass destruction, you’d be against the manufacture of instrumentalities of death like guns, so I think that what Gavin Newsom is doing is perfectly appropriate in line with what the Supreme Court has held, that private citizens may be able to sue anyone anywhere, anytime, in any state.”

Later in the conversation, as Carpenter talked more about the divisiveness of the Texas law, Goldberg agreed, but said that now that the law is out there, it could be a precedent for a number of actions based on the same model to take place.

“They shouldn’t have introduced it in the first place, but now they’ve opened up the door to it and you watch and see how many folks come running through…I, too am pro-life. No one I know who has had an abortion went willingly or happily. They went because they had to go, because they didn’t have a choice,” said Goldberg.

"Now, I don't want anyone to have one who doesn't want it. That's the beauty of the law--you don't have to have it. There's no mandate saying you must have an abortion. The mandate, though, says you can't have one if you need and it's not even that I'm going to allow you to speak to your doctor. If your life is on the line, I don't care. If you are someone who has had to deal with incest, I don't care, it doesn't matter. If you've been raped, it doesn't matter."

“This is where it gets murky…This is all about vigilantism and it has been for many, many years,” she continued. “But it does not change the fact that you could put a million laws on the books, but if a woman is determined, that this is what she needs to do, she’s going to do it.”

Hostin ended the segment by saying that Newsom’s goal is “to safeguard life,” just like how the Texas law is supposedly designed for.

Watch a clip below: