'The View': Whoopi Goldberg And Sunny Hostin Get In Heated Debate About Man's Viral Post Calling His Fiance 'Not The Most Beautiful Or Intelligent'
Photo Credit: ABC / Solomon Buchi on Instagram

'The View': Whoopi Goldberg And Sunny Hostin Get In Heated Debate About Man's Viral Post Calling His Fiance 'Not The Most Beautiful Or Intelligent'

Things got a little heated on The View between Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin when discussing the viral post about the man who said his fiance “not the most beautiful women” or “most intelligent.”

As reported by Outsider, during the Hot Topics segment on Thursday’s episode, the women discussed a viral story about a man’s controversial social media post about his new fiancée.

“Not the most beautiful woman, neither are you the most intelligent woman, but I’ve chosen never to find perfection in anyone else,” wrote podcast host Solomon Buchi in part. "It may not sound like a compliment. But it’s a realistic base for love.”

The man’s post received major traction online with many calling for the man’s fiancée to leave him. It even caused The View hosts to disagree.

Whoopi Goldberg didn't see anything wrong with the man's social media post.

Veteran co-host Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the discussion by sharing that she didn’t see a problem with what the man wrote about his fiancée.

“I didn’t think it was a bad thing,” she said, explaining that she understood what the groom-to-be was trying to say.

Sunny Hostin disagreed with Whoopi Goldberg, saying the man should have just lied to his soon-to-be wife.

Immediately after Goldberg shared her thoughts on the topic, co-host Sunny Hostin gave an opposite opinion.

“I worry about this guy,” she said. “I hate him. But I worry about this guy for this woman. I wouldn’t marry him after saying that.”

“When they get older, what is he gonna do?” Hostin continued. “‘Oh babe, you look a little fat today. Oh babe, that was really stupid that you said that’. I don’t like that. Your partner should lie to you.”

No!” Whoopi said in reply. “They should not lie to you. Oh my God!”

The two women continued to disagree with the conversation growing more and more heated until Whoopi stared up at the ceiling and said, “Oh my God! Please God, strike me now.”

Fellow The View co-host agreed with Whoopi Goldberg. “I hope his proposal was a little more romantic,” she said. “But this in itself, I understood where he was going.”

Like The View co-hosts, fans of the show were divided over who was right.

Buchi also reshared the conversation from 'The View' on his Instagram:

Watch the discussion below:

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