'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Checks Sunny Hostin On Weight Loss-Voice Correlation Beliefs: 'That's Not True'
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'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Checks Sunny Hostin On Weight Loss-Voice Correlation Beliefs: 'That's Not True'

In a rare departure from their usual dynamic, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin actually disagreed during a segment on The View.

Decider reports that the argument occurred over a conversation about Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. Wilson recently talked about how her producers didn’t want her to lose weight for fear that her film roles would decrease. Hostin said that Wilson and other actors shouldn’t have to worry about their weight when it comes to their careers. But she she eventually ran into a snag when she voiced her opinion about singers.

“I do think, sometimes, when there’s a singer that loses weight, sometimes they lose their voice,” she said, leading Goldberg to vehemently say, “That’s not true.”

Even though Hostin admitted that Adele hasn't lost her voice, she said, "but sometimes it happens."

Goldberg repeated that what Hostin was saying was untrue. Hostin asked the audience if anyone agreed with her, and seemingly only a few people clapped along.

“I’m sorry, you’re going to take her word for it?” asked Goldberg to the audience. “I like her too! I love that jacket. But you’re wrong, and let me explain why. Sometimes, people are asked to lose weight because they have nodes. They have to be able to get down there and get ahold of the nodes…People lose their voice for so many reasons.”

Goldberg threw the show to break

“It is never, as far as I’ve been around for a hundred thousand years [are voices lost because of weight loss], maybe ten years less than my friend Joy [Behar],” Goldberg said, throwing in a joke at Behar’s age. But Behar did add, “I don’t think that people lose weight in their lungs.”

Hostin still tried to make her point about people singers losing their voices after weight loss, saying, “A lot of Black singers are robust.” This led Goldberg to throw the episode to a break.

Today’s conversation on The View proves that anyone, not just the conservatives, can get it when they make a mistake.

Watch a clip below: