'The Wendy Williams Show': Michael Rapaport To Fill In After Sherri Shepherd's Health Emergency
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'The Wendy Williams Show': Michael Rapaport To Fill In After Sherri Shepherd's Health Emergency

The Wendy Williams Show regular guest host Sherri Shepherd might have been filling in for Williams this week, but now, Shepherd is having her own health emergency.

According to Deadline, Shepherd has undergone emergency surgery for appendicitis. Michael Rapaport, who has not been a favorite guest host with the Wendy Williams audience, will fill in for her during her absence.

“Due to appendicitis, Sherri Shepherd underwent an emergency surgery yesterday,” said Shepherd’s publicist to Deadline. “The procedure was successful, and Ms. Shepherd is doing fine and resting. She is absolutely devastated that she will not be able to guest host The Wendy Williams Show today, but she is following doctors’ orders and expected to make a full recovery. Thank you all for understanding and respecting her privacy.”

The spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show said that Shepherd is expected to be back in the hosting position later this week.

While being guest-hosted, specifically by Shepherd, The Wendy Williams Show has increased its ratings, with many fans gelling with Shepherd’s stewardship of the show during Williams’ absence.

Williams has been currently battling several illnesses, including a breakthrough case of COVID-19 and Graves’ disease. Her latest season was postponed twice because of her illness before the decision was made to hire guest hosts.

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